Pocoyo toys..

I finally found Ayiee!
Through instagram.
from emanz_collectionz.

Great service. Very quick to reply and shipped on the same day.
The next day, we got the toys.
RM 34 per piece.
If you buy the set (Pocoyo, Ellie and Pato) it will be RM 100.

She was so thrilled to find Pocoyo from the parcel. I went home and set my camera ready to record her reaction.
She shouted softly 'Ayiee!'
And smiled.
She bite them as well.
Also kissed Pocoyo on the mouth.

It was such a pleasure to see her happiness.

Look at her expressing her gratitude to mommy.
Very clingy.
Whenever I come home from work, I belonged to her. She will not want daddy anymore.
It is mommy's time.
Which means, I will carry her everywhere at home.
I know she misses me.
These days, she will cry a little whenever I leave for work.
Followed my a long wave with 'Bye bye' from her and a flying kiss.

Add to mommy's guilt even more.

Anyway guys, happy 'bercuti' tomorrow.
What are your plans??


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