The great December Flood Disaster

I wanted to write something fun and happy but I am just not in the mood.
I read about my friends struggling to help in Kelantan and Terengganu, I felt helpless.
If I was working there in Kuala Dungun, I would be mobilized as well.
I have full respect for all my colleagues who have been working non stop in taking care of the community.
You guys are to be admired.
Everywhere in the west side of the peninsular, there have been centre for donation.
Here in Putrajaya, we have so many.
Just last week, Alamanda upper floor was full with pampers, rice, clothes, cooking oil and so many things.
Overwhelming that I felt tearful and proud.
This week it will be until tomorrow 28/12/2014.
So if you guys are staying in Putrajaya, you can check the perbadanan website or facebook.
I know we can't do much but we can give.
Those biscuits, snacks, mineral water, maggie anything that can last long and can just keep the tummy filled enough to hold on until they can start cooking again.
Reading about news on how a baby was lost in the flood after a strong current, it just reminded me of my own.
Devastated. Death. I guess that is what the mother would feel.
Seeing videos of kids drowned. Subhanallah.
This is such a great test bestowed upon us.
The starting of 2014 was bad (MH370) and ended with the great disaster of December Flood.

As much we are sadden by this, this should be a wake up call to all of us.
That life is very fragile.
Everything that we have can be taken away in just a blink of the eyes.
Allah can test us in anyway that He wants, as big as He wishes.
It is a sign, that we have lost our ways and for us to be nearer to Him.
A servant will always beg to the Creator in every time of stress.
Just like right now.
Let 2015 be a better Malaysia. For Muslims to be more pious and devoted to our Islamic ways.
To the non-Muslim, they can live however they choose because Islam never interfere with any other religion.

But you know what? Eventhough we, Malaysian at time bicker on politic and stuffs, we are good people when it comes to the time of need.
Lets help anyway we can and the most important to pray to Allah The Most Merciful, to lessen the test on our sisters and brothers, to give them strength to go on and build a life from scratch again.



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