Yoga is my new thing..

I bought a fitness book from the Big Bad Wolf.

Yes that's right.
It is a book about yoga, pilates and meditation.
It is the best way to relax, reconnect with your mind and body as well as to stay healthy.

Actually, I thought of going for another holiday.
I need break again.
I guess, I am getting old.
Since I can't squeeze any holiday break in this short period, I thought yoga and meditation will be my escape each day.
Awesome idea right?

Finished reading the book.
Will do it tomorrow morning.
So determined.
It will be nice to escape work and routine everyday.
Just to be with yourself and nature.
Good luck to me:)


  1. Hi :)

    I can never do yoga just by following a book, so I opt for Youtube instead hehe!

    Feel free to visit my BLOG . I share a lot about home business plan :)

    1. Owh hehehe actually I have years if experiences attending yoga classes. So the yoga book was just a reminder after leaving yoga for 2 years. Not difficult for me:)


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