All in a day work

Today was my day off.
I founded about the 1600 pandas in Publika and practically begged my husband to take us there.
I was so sure that Isabella will love it.
And she did!!
We had to line up to enter the area.
They will give us a ticket to enter for RM 10 per entrance regardless the number of people.
That RM10 is per photo.
Isabella practically jumped to hug the panda and refused to go home.
It was all worth it.
I wore aere long cardigan/dress from
Love it.
Took her to a playground in Publika.
She made some friend.
She really enjoyed herself.
She got to do so many activities exercising physical skills and creativity.
Here she was playing cooking.
She learned to recognize food and non-food object to cook.
It is a surprise when she took a pot, a bowl and spatula.
Then, she chose the veges and placed them in the bowl.
It shows that she has been watching us in the kitchen and now acting it out.
So let your child explore and play because kids learn through playing.

Tomorrow is another long day in class.
Hopefully baby will not miss mommy that much.
Okay bye everyone:)


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