Bad mood

I was really upset today.
I don't know why people can't understand cleanliness.
It is such a common sense.
I am so clueless for how long I should take this.
I am stuck in the middle.
A house need to be clean and safe.
If my house has cats poops on my very expensive rugs, imagine how I would feel about my baby playing around and how clean am I to pray?
I don't understand why somebody can't understand that and have to be so selfish for the sake of pets.
I am not against pets but the owner has to be super duper rajin and clean one to take care of the cats.
If the owner doesn't get rid of the sands and don't even treat the fleas, Gosh!! so many thing could happen such as tick bites and allergies, not to mention germs!!
I am a doctor for heaven sake.
Should I close my eyes for this??
That is why I said, high education and a degree scroll doesn't teach you common sense.
Being me, I am always frank.
Wrong means wrong.
But to people when someone tells you things, you might get offended.
So my husband advised me to cool down.
I have been patient already but when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene especially when it is where my baby play around, I just can't close my eyes.
It is everyone's health.
What should I do?
Should I tell her or should I just move out?
If I move out, my father would be very sad because he always wanted to live together but people are very different in so many ways.
I can bend so many rules except when it comes to cleanliness.
Why can't a cat stays in the cage?
Why does it have to sleep in the house especially when it is one stupid cat who pee and poop everywhere.
I used to have cats when I was young but they were the local cats who just need no training.
I was so angry that I called my dad and he in an attempt to comfort me said that 'It is okay, I will cage the cat'.
The thing is my father is a very soft person and he usually bend to his wife all the time.
I don't like to hurt his feelings but this is wrong daddy.
You should live in a clean house not a cat poop smelled house like you have been living for years.

No wonder I like to live alone and be alone.
I deal better with patients than relatives or parents.
You can't say it but you have to say it.
How to say?
Should I keep quiet?
Should I move out?


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