What have I been upto..

Happy New Year Everyone.
It is quite late I know.
I am sorry.
I have been too busy multitasking with my day job and my preparation for upcoming project.
So, I am not going to talk much but just would like to share with you my new read.

I am a sucker for romance.
And my small planner where I jot down everything needs to be done and every idea I have.
The mind is a powerful machine and if you don't write down your ideas, it is such a waste.
This business book I have to say by far the best I have read.
From the first page, I am totally hooked.
It has so many tips from successful entrepreneurs how to set up a business, how to run, how to handle day by day challenges, hire employees and many more.
The author is a host for business talk show and after years of interviewing entrepreneurs, she decided to compile all the tips that she received and produce this brilliant book.

As for my 2015 determination on the point 'taking care of my health' I finally chose a collagen drink for me.
Toujours Pure Dust from Hanis Zalikha and her mother.
RM 179 and it will last for a month.
I will write a review after 2 weeks.

I am getting older hehehe.
I need to take care of myself.

Today, Isabella's babysitter told me that Isabella has been doing what looked like several yoga poses.
She would set a cloth on the carpet and lied face down for a while, and lift her upper half of body.
Then, she would do 
So her babysitter was curious and finally asked 'have you been doing yoga lately?'
Hahahaha and I was so surprised to learn that my baby was doing the yoga pose during the day and had to sheepishly answered yes.

I didn't know she would copy me.
I noticed her doing some poses next to me but doing on her own?? Hahahaha. Apadaaa baby kantoilah mommy mcm ni.

Okay guys, I will tell you more next time.
As for now let me give you a clue on my current project..

The centre of love.
This is where love starts and if you nurture love well, it will spread in the future:)


  1. give us some review about the collagen... really want to check it out as well.. some of us are getting old.. uhuk2...


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