Arsenal buddies

It is February people!!
I actually don't have any preferences on the month but this month I have decided to slow down and focus on several other things including my top most priority which is my baby.
So, here is what we did yesterday..
We went for family breakfast together at the Teh Tarik in Ayer @8 in Putrajaya.
Seriously I just love the interior and the view, facing the Lake and Tunku Mizan's Mosque.

Isabella is wearing Arsenal jersey from the souvenir we got in London.
She finally fits into them.
Daddy decided to wear his jersey as well.
Hehehehe so cute of these two.
Love them so much.
Sigh. My world of love bubble.
Can you spot the Mosque??
Lovely view right?
It was a lovely Sunday morning.
A good start of February. InsyaAllah, I will be around and spending more and more time with her to do lots of thing.


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