A touching love story

As I write these words, tears are running fast down my cheeks.
I am sobbing with great sadness.
Have you guysever watch Hachiko A dog's story??
According to my husband, it was so famous but I somehow missed it.
It is a story about Hachi, a Japanese dog who loved his owner dearly.
Everyday he would send the owner, a professor, at a train station and he never missed waiting at the train station at 5 p.m.

They had a real bond.
Until one day, he was very reluctant to let the professor go to work.
He kept on barking and he enticed with playing ball.
In the end, the professor went to the university.
In the afternoon, Hachiko waited at the same spot, he waited until the last train at night, but the professor never came back.
He had a heart attack in class and passed away.
But still, each day, Hachi would still wait at the same spot, watching everyone's face to spot his master.
But he never came back.
The family moved and took him with them.
He then ran away, back to the train station.
They came looking for him and took him back.
Whenever the clock strucked 5, when he hears the train siren, he would become restless.
So, finally the professor's daughter said to him,' I think about him too, everyday. We love you Hachi and we want you to be with us but if you have to go, that's okay'.
Hachi took one final look at her, licked her hands as a thank you and off he want.
For 10 years he lived at the station, waiting for his master until they finally met again.
In his dream when he drew his last breath.

What also touched my heart was, that night before the professor died, he kissed his wife and said,'You have been patient with me and I have not expressed my thank well enough. I love you so much'.

They laughed and teased each other.
Little do they know that it was the lastnight for them together.

It made me think again how fragile life is and how precious every moment we have with our loved ones.
And it brought fear in me.
The fear of losing my loved ones.
Everything in this life is temporary but I pray that they could last as long as possible.

Love is such a pure act right?
When we have loved and lost, we deal with our sorrow and pain in a different way.
We tried to move on, kept the memories tucked behind our mind but the pain and sorrow will reduce as we accepted the fate.
Whenever we missed our loved ones, we would look at the photos, or visit the grave, read surah and many more.
Everyone deal with the thoughts in her own way.
But a dog, he kept on doing what his instinct taught him to do.
He waits.
He kept on waiting for the person he loved the most.
As if his life is for his master.
He has only one love and one life and he gave them all to that person he loved the most.
Nobody else could keep him.

I watched and sobbed badly.
My husband pillow was soaked wet.

Hachiko statue in Japan


  1. A very touching story indeed! Aih.. Just reading this made my heart slumped, what more watching it. It was a really sad story. Reminded me of my cats who would wait until I came home at the gate every evening. I should watch it. Btw it was nice of you to share this movie, the write up too. I like your writing style :)


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