Parents who have failed their children...Lets not be one

Happy public holiday guys!

Recently I posted on facebook about my daddy's interview in MHI.
I am extremely proud of him.
My daddy has been a teacher for years until he became the principle.
He was multiple award achiever as a teacher and then as 'Excellent Principle'.
Later her became the head of Principle representing all the principles in Malaysia.
The thing with him that I admire is his fresh ideas and motivation, determination to do what he wants to do.
There are so many great enhancing programs in his school but I choose to talk about this one, Tahfiz program in his school.
His school is just a normal daily school, not the boarding school.
When he started, that school was one of the lowest in Putrajaya, accepting students who got kicked out from another schools due to discipline, accepting the worst results students.
He took it as a challenge and he made the school became top in Putrajaya beating the 'elite' or 'bestari' school in the area.
He said, for years he has applied his method on the boarding school and leading the school to excellence but those were with intelligent kids.
Now, he wants to test his method on the weak kids.
He did.
It was difficult but he made them work.
He introduce 'study time' after school, extra classes at night from as early as form 2.
What make it different is, the principle will be there counting the head and jotting down the absentee.
For the tahsin program that MHI interviewed him, was a program that he started after noticing how students in his school unable to read Al-Quran and even doesn't know how to pray.
He held a few Zuhur 'jemaah' for them after school and found few who didn't know 'masbuk'.
They joined the solah when it was in the 3rd rakaah and by the 4th they gave salam and finished with the jemaah when they should stand up and replace the 1st 2 they missed.

He confided in me.
I though it was shocking that students these generation cannot read Al-Quran.
Anyway I was reminded of my time in boarding school. Hehehhehe.
When I was there, we always have to go for Subuh in the 'surau' together, which was quite a far walk from the hostels.
Anyway there will be girls doing masbuk and one of them was me.
So difficult to wake up early.
Of course I was punished everytime.
But all those strict rules taught me a lot.
Eventhough I was naughty, I learned and when I became wise like these age, I know what is important and what not.
You see, we force kids and teenagers and expose them to Islamic studies, way of living eventhough they weren't sincere about doing them.
But they know what is good and not.
When they are older, they will go back to the good and leave all the silly unbeneficial things about life.
If they are not exposed from early, they don't know how to go back to being good.
It is better to learn Iqra in high school like what my dad is doing instead of learning nothing as an adult because you are so caught up with work and commitments.

So what daddy did was, he started Al-Quran classes for all the teachers.
He said, we can't expect the few ustaz and ustazah to teach the whole school.
So now the teachers can guide the other students as well.
In a week, they will have 3-4 session of reciting Al-Quran for just 30 minutes.
As a result, they can read Al-Quran now and even a group of students have started memorize the Quran under the guidance of Imam from Tunku Mizan Mosque.

The thing is no matter how the society blamed the government for failing in educating the youngsters, it is still the failure of parents themselves.
We as parents are the main shaper for our children.
If they can't read Al-Quran, cannot pray, we as parents have failed big time!!
Always look for the blame inside us before we start pointing to teachers.

Okay guys, such big serious talk.
Giving me headache hehehe.
Enjoy your day with your family k:)


  1. Good write up you got there. And indeed such a good effort done by your dad. I always believe in going back to agama, whatever it is. Because everything is complete already. It is also a good idea to have the teachers learn too.. But still, nothing beats the first education they received at home.

    1. Yea it is so true. Evrything has to be moulded as a whole. Thanks for reading:)


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