He said, I am not his bestfriend??

I once asked my husband,'syg, am I your bestfriend?'

He quickly answered,'Nope'.

Not even a pause.
He was kind of rude from my point of view.
You could atleast lie.

'Hmmm, what do you mean, no??Who am I then? And who are your bestfriends??'

He replied,'You are my wife and I am not a primary school boy to have bestfriends. I have friends, close friends, a group of friends'.

I asked again,'Isn't a wife means your lifetime partner. If that is the case, shouldn't I be your bestfriend?'

'You can't be my bestfriend because you don't think like me and you don't share my interest. You don't like cars and motorbikes. Still, you are the closest person to me whom I share my life with. I am a guy so I don't share so much with people and if you think I don't talk much to you, let me assure you that I even talk lesser to others around me', he replied.

My husband is a quiet person. He is so quiet to the extend that I found myself chatting alone in the car. I asked the question and I answered, you know. Lol.

I explained to him several times that we should be bestfriends just like my bestfriends and I. When I say something, he should try to prolong the conversation by asking,'really, why? Tell me more or something. Instead of just the plain hmmm,hmmm. End of story. What?? I have more to tell you but I can't be forcing you to listen when you sound so uninterested.

After almost 3 years of being together, he still doesn't get the concept.
Therefore, I have grasped his concept.
I adjusted and adapted.
I accepted my husband the way he is, quiet, a man of few words.
That doesn't mean we don't have our laughters.
Sometimes, most of the time, we try to change our partners to be just like us, so that we can click you know.
The thing is, people can't just mould into another person after 20-30 years of living.
We have to work from what we have and who we are and make it work and have fun.
I realized that after sometime.

One day I asked him,' do you regret marrying me? If you are able to turn back time, would you do it differently, meaning like marrying someone else?'

I was testing..

He replied,'No. I would still marry you....How about you? You seem to have a lot of regret.'

hahahahhaa. How dare he said that. Shhh. You don't know your wife that well.

The truth is I don't have regrets. I am not someone who think about what if and what not.

If I could turn back time, I would still choose him, marry him and probably I would want to meet him way earlier. Maybe we would go to school together and I would encouraged him to get straight A's and both of us would go to the same university. 
Who am I kidding. He faints at the sight of a drop of blood and he has no interest in Science.
But let it be in my dream, okay.

If you think about changing your partners, you might be disappointed. Marriage has no place for lots of disappointment.
Instead, you should cherish your differences and make them more interesting.
Imagine if my husband is a doctor, we would both talk about diseases as pillow talks right.lol.
Not fun.
Nak muntah cerita pasal penyakit dari siang sampai malam.

Okay, I finished a whole entry and why is this guy not yet home?
Poor guy is on a new program Bake and sell and has been so busy.
Hope he is well. Missing him already.
But I don't like to text him when he is working. Just like I find that disrupting when I am working.
Okay guys, go kiss your husband and think about their goodness:)
See you again.


  1. Aww... So sweet! Soon to get married, InshaAllah and reading this I kind of hope time moves faster ;) Oh yeah.. Guys responses can be quite direct and hurtful at first. But well, at least they are being honest right? :)

    1. congratulation!! I wish you well. Guys are different from us and that what makes life interesting:)


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