Choosing formula milk

Isabella is 1 year and 4 months now and I have been looking for the right formula milk for her.
I am still breastfeeding her but I have stopped EBM for months now.
It was a struggle all those months finding time or squeezing time in between seeing patients and expressing my milk.
Most of the time, I have to be interrupted and when I got back to continue, my milk supply wasn't that smooth anymore.
Like 'merajuk' and that was to pump for 3-4 minutes until the nurses called,'doctor, ada patients'.
They kept on coming, never ending and they don't like to be kept waiting.
Finally, I thought that's it.
I will have to mix with formula milk.
I will breastfeed her as much as I could especially at night, early morning and after work.
I realized since she didn't get my breastmilk, she demanded more feed at night compared to before when she drank like 1-2 times during her sleeping time.
These days, she is like compensating so she'll demand like 4 times.
Luckily, I am the kind who breastfeed whil lying down so, my sleep was fine.

I began searching for the best formula milk for my baby.
There are so many brands with all kind of enticing promises.
But which one should I choose?

I started with S26 and she would only drink the S26 Progress Gold.
Way more expensive than the normal S26.
Must be tasting better.

Basically, it has good proteins for the brain such as Lutein, Nucleotides,AA & DHA.
Good good.

Calcium in S 26 in 100gm =517mg
Enfagrow Calcium in 100gm=750 mg
Iron in Enfagrow 9
in S26, 6.8 mg
DHA in S 26 10 mg, in Enfagrow 43 (DHA)

Basically both milk has fulfilled the requirements.
It is just my preferences fo have more calcium and vitamin D to keep up with growth.

As I checked the nutrition's table, I found S26 has lesser amount of Calcium inside in comparison to Enfagrow.
The contents in Enfagrow seemed way better.
Pricier than S26.
I bought one small pack and she didn't like it at all.
What a waste.
As you can see, basically S 26 and Enfagrow emphasized on the development of a child's brain.
All milk brands do.
The truth is milk is about growth, physical and strength more than the mind's development, though having good nutrients do play an important role in producing a bright child.
Due to community's demand on having bright children, the milk company seems to show advertisement about how a child become so bright after drinking this milk or that milk.
Dulu- dulu kita minum susu biasa saja pun pandai jugakkan. LOL.

My point is as much as we want our children to be clever and all, we have to understand that physical growth and strength are the main focus here because an unfit child (malnourished) cannot be the most clever child, right?

Anyway back to the story, she didn't like Enfagrow.
She likes my Nespray the one we drank for ourselves.
I guess the milk for adults are milkier, thicker and sweeter.

I went out for a quest to find the formula milk again and checked Nan, Enfalac, Sustagen and finally came across Friso Gold.
The contents of Calcium, Vitamin D and everything else are more than S 26.
Why was I comparing to S26, because Isabella has been drinking that milk only and I have no other to compare.
I am not saying that S26 is not good. I think it is a good milk.
I just want a milk with more calcium and higher content for nutrients.
If I can get for more, why shouldn't I right?

Yes, today was her first time drinking Friso Gold and alhamdulillah she seemed to love it.
It is from Holland and the nutrition's table fit my requirement.
Finished one bottle, no leftover.
This girl likes to leave leftover everytime.
Dahla susu mahal.


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