Stop racism!!

I believe that a interracial schools and kindergartens are very important to Malaysia.
I asked my husband once'Which school do you want Isabella to enroll when she reach standard 1?

Of course there are so many schools.
You can choose any you like.
But to me, I want her to join a mix, interracial school.
A class filled with the Chinese, Indians and maybe other races.
Because I want her to know the Chinese, the Indians and the other races.
To be friend, to learn, play and love her friends.
When she understands their culture, she will learn to respect and accept others.
That is how we can live in harmony.
I realized those who live restricted to one group of people are very close-minded, very suspicious and in the end racist.
It is just because they have never really mix with others.
They have never hang out, or walk to school with friends from another races, haven't discussed lessons, share knowledge, laugh, make jokes or even eat together.
You will realize how similar we are regardless who we are.
I want Isabella to have that, to respect everyone and other cultures, religions.

I joined an early childhood education course on the weekend and instead of choosing a Malay institution, I chose CECE which is completely owned by the Chinese group.
Most of my classmates are Chinese and some areIndians. There are only 2 Malays.
The thing is we work so well and I am having a lot of fun with them.
That is the definition of 'living in harmony'.
So, regarding all the recent talk about race, it kind of pissing me off.
Race is a very sensitive issue.
Avoid the talk and keep your mouth shut.
Because somewhere in your lives, you must have made great friends from different race.
Will you risk hurting their feelings by saying something outloud on social media?

We are all Malaysian.
Forget about the past, forget about the origin and forget about everything.
We are all born here on this land.
That makes everyone of us, Malaysian.
You and me.
So, accept each other, live together, do not criticize or belittle one another.
We are one regardless how different and how similar we are.
We are a lot similar than we thought.
If there is something you do not like, you can say it but do not blame the race.
It is not about the race, but human nature and personality.
Surprisingly, my Chinese friends eat Malay food better than I do.
They brought food to class and each time there will be Home grown Jackfruit, Mandarin for Chinese New Year and etc.
They gave me their bund when I didn't have time to pack my lunch from home.
So who said the Chinese are not gracious??
Those gestures to me were more gracious than any race.
Therefore, it is not about the race but the character.
Accept that people are different and that's not because only their races.

If you love Malaysia, you will start instilling love and respect to others in your children the earliest time possible.
Never belittle anyone in front of your children and do not insert fear in them towards other races.
Lets teach them love and respect okay friends:)


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