Eternal love

There is definitely no break from motherhood.
I went to bed lastnight with throbbing headache.
I thought to myself, must be dehydration because it was a very hot day.
I drank water and went to bed, thinking the sleep will heal everything.
At 3.30 a.m. I woke up.
I wasn't really sleeping because of the throbbing frontal headache.
I was feeling so miserable so I woke my husband up and asked for some water.
After taking a few sips, I staggered to the bathroom.
To vomit.
I kept on vomiting like 4 times until I became so weak, sitting on the bathroom floor.

At the break of dawn, I was not feeling better and I thought it was such a nasty migraine.
Took EL for the day.
And, my husband offered breakfast.
I refused.
I was scared of vomiting.
He showered Isabella and make porridge for her.
After they had their meal, I was still lying helplessly on the bed.
My husband then felt my forehead and remarked,'I think you have a fever'.
He was right. My temperature was 38'C.

He was planning to drop Isabella to her babysitter on the way to work but I felt sorry for her.
I said, I would take care of her.
It was more like she was taking care of herself while I dozed off here and then.
When I opened my eyes, she was playing in her tent, next she was reading her book and everytime I opened my eyes, she kept on changing her location.

I was truly awake when she fell on my chest and started nozzling my neck.
Slightest movement elicitted the pain but what can I say to her, she wanted to be close to her mother and to feel loved.

I realized that I could never get a break from motherhood no matter how sick I feel.
All mothers go through this period.
How can I scold this pretty lady??
I was grateful that, the day has passed and despite feeling very sick and weak, I managed a weak smile to my baby here and then.


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