Amazing Switzerland

All work and no play is no fun.
I miss travelling so much.
There were times that I went to look at our photos from the last trips and remembered how fun they were.
Anyway, no money no honey.
To be able to splurge, we always need to be economically established, that means work.

I really enjoy working as I get to meet people from everywhere.
These few days, I am meeting so many Korean who came for pre-employment.
During the small talk, I would ask them their reason for working in Malaysia and their answer was the much cheaper cost of living here with the same amount of salary in Korea.
I then would share my experiences visiting Seoul and they were so glad that I enjoyed the trip.
I also interviewed them on Korean traditional culture especially for married woman to stay with the in laws for atleast 3 years and to properly serve the in law's family including the sister in laws.
Meeting people is like visiting places because you get to see their views on things.
I enjoy that.

Tonight I met a Swiss guy and he wasn't that friendly at first until I asked him where he was from and he said Bern.
He was surprised that I know where that was therefore I told him that I have been to Switzerland.
We talked from the high cost of living overthere to languages and beautiful places that I should go.
I told him that Geneva just stole my breath away and I look forward to my future trips to Zurich and Lausanne.

He then kindly write his suggestions.

Lucerne is that paradise above.
This Swiss town with lake and mountains for a view. How lucky!!

And this is Arosa, Heidi's village.
How exciting.

Look at that. Just like I imagined the village should look like.

This is Jungfraujoch high mountain where they build train rails.
Such a picturesque.

Sigh. Hahahaha. Okay eyes on target. Someday insyaAllah. As for now, my eyes are on my next target.THE rest can wait including shopping:)

Good night people.


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