Bad day

Today is not a good day for me.
I missed my husband who is in Malacca until Wednesday.
So sad.
On top juggling my life as a mother and father, I have a busy Monday.

My grandmother is in the hospital for heart problem.

Remember my cousin whom I dragged for blood test on Saturday??
His blood came back Dengue NS1 negative but he has transaminitis.
Meaning his liver function test is seriously deranged.
His full blood count came back with anemia, low platelet and leucocytosis.

Seriously I am so worried and scared for him.
I was eating my lunch in front of the computer and suddenly I received a fax of his results.
My eyes almost popped out.
Washed my hands and called my mom.
Wrote a referral letter to Hospital Putrajaya with the attached lab result.

On top of this, he went swimming in some river last 2 weeks (the week before he became ill).

I lost my appetite, didn't finish my meal.

People kept phoning me and I was so busy between patients and answering mom's call and answering to the impatients staffs.
I finally snapped and told the staffs to be patient as I was on the phone.
Their things could wait.
Mom cut off the line as she heard my busy side.
I threw my phone on the table.

Seriously, people should learn about manners.
Could you not wait until I finished talking?
Not like I was more than 5 minutes on the phone.
Why am I so angry??
I don't know.

Now, it is raining and I did laundry before work.
It is raining so heavy and my clothes are all wet.
I did laundry today because today and Friday are the only day that I finish work by 5 p.m.
The rest I will be coming home at night.
This month is a busy month for me.

In 2 hours time I have to fetch my girl and collect the soaked wet clothes.
I seriously want to cry but it's okay, the bell has rang which means more patients have registered.
No time to soak in the emotions people.

Atleast I get to express it out.
Thanks to you guys.


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