Today is a super bz day!!
I just showered.
Had class earlier and finished at 6 p.m.
Reached home almost 7 p.m. and immediately was greeted by my 'manja' girl who was playing well until she saw me and started whining as she ran towards me for a hug.
She only wanted one thing and that was breastmilk.
After feeding her, I bathed her and looked for dinner in the kitchen.
I fed her my rice as well.
Went to check on my cousin who is suffering from prolonged fever.
Day 6 of high grade fever with platelet of 132, HCt 38, Total white count 2.3.
BP 100/ ??
The KK doctor missed the diastolic reading but she dripped him and discharged.
The doctor told him that he has acute gastritis because he complained of epigastric pain.Gastritis with high grade fever for 1 week??
I don't think so.
Anyway I was very pissed off with the whole thing because clearly he has abdominal pain due to enlarged liver if you could only feel his abdomen.
Well, I don't want to talk about that because it makes me angry.
I usually would accompany my family members when they are sick so that I can talk directly to the doctors. I don't demand but doctor to doctor is a different bond.

What should I do?
This is not my son.
I told my mom ( she adopted him) that she should have admitted him to the private hospital.
She said, why? The doctor didn't say anything.
You see you have to understand that government hospital has limited bed.
Today, 2 dengue patients from HOsp Putrajaya came for blood fbc monitoring in the private clinic I am working.
The platelet were 70 both of them and the had to be carried by 2 men.
Still, they weren't admitted because I guess no bed in Putrajaya.
I understand why my cousin wasn't admitted as well.

Imagine having all that body pain and feeling so weak but still you have to be dragged to clinic daily for blood when you can just rest in the hospital with drips to refresh you.

Yes, my cousin should get drip.
He is so pake and dehydrated.

So I asked my mom, 'does he have insurance?'

She replied,'No'.

Typical government servant.

The thing is, it is not government's fault but we have to have back up.
If the facilities are full, where do you go??

Now, knowing my mom, she will not spend a penny for things she can get for free which means no private hospital for this poor boy.

As I sat down on the sofa where he lied, he said softly, weakly,'Boleh Kak Shipah bawa apis pi hospital? Bila masuk air Apis rasa tak sakit sangat'.

It is not that simple dear.
I could take you to ED and yet you will be discharged home except if we go to the private.
Anyway, instead of waiting, I decided to take him to the clinic I work for further test.
I did Dengue NS 1 and Liver function.
What I am worried about is the enlarged liver and epigastric pain.

'Did you go swimming recently?' (Well I am so busy that I don't know what he does and I am not the most approachable sister I guess)

He replied,'I went swimming the week before I got sick at river...'

Don't feel good. Hopefully it is not Leptospirosis.
The presentations are similar to dengue fever.
Lets pray the liver test will be normal.

So I took his blood and got the drip sets for him at home.

Inserted the line and infused Normal Saline.

Finally, hopped into the shower.
All clean.
I stared at myself in the mirror.

What the heck??


I have 2 love bites.
My dad, mom, uncle and aunt were at home the whole evening when I was busy going up and down.

Now I am trap in my room.
I cannot face my dad.
I cannot possibly wrap a shawl at home, can I??
What if they saw already??
And I think they have seen it.

Apa ni?? Jatuhlah maruah aku mcm ni.

Not so tough anymore, right?



  1. Okay, yang part love bite and not so tough tu lawak. hehe~

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