Another weird atok's story

Everyone was amused by my post the other day.
At first I didn't think about sharing it.
Though I laughed on my way home while thinking about him.
'Sharing underwear with a baby??'
So kind of you.
But such weird reasoning.

Anyway, despite atok's weirdness, my little girl adores him to the bone.
'Atok, atok, atok, atok', she chanted.
She wakes up and chanted atok.

When she comes back from babysitter and she spotted my father watching the television, she would run to him and called 'atok, atok'.
She sat on his lap and he would chatted with her.

'Haaa tuuu tgk tv. Anak gajah dengan mak gajah', he said pointing to the screen.

Isabella just looked at him clueless to what he was saying.

'Haaa tu singa. Tgk singa. Dia mengaum', he added.

Isabella got up and went inside her tent in the living room.
She must be thinking that atok was boring.

Clearly my dad doesn't know how to talk to a baby.
He was awkward.
He would just look at Isabella sleeping and smiled.
You know, that love from a distance.

He came back home and said,' Bella, atok beli makanan faveret Bella. In the fridge'.

What's that??

A packet of Kit Kat.

Then, he would ask me why didn't I give Isabella the Kit Kat. LOL.
I would let her taste a little bit but not that much.

'Adik tak may baby sakit kencing manis la dad', I would answer him.

One day, my aunt came with my cousins and they were big boys.
They really adore Isabella since they don't have girls in the family.
Isabella adores them as well.
So many uncles layan dia. Sukalah.

So, we were all sitting down in the living room downstairs, laughing and playing with Isabella.
Isabella was showing her tricks for attention.

My dad was upstairs watching tv still.
Then, he came down to get a plate of rice and climbing back the stairs.
Isabella spotted her.
She left our group and went to the stairs and said,' Atok!! atok!!'
Excited, smilling, laughing.

My dad paused and looked at her, grinned happily to be recognized by his grandchild,' Hah! Dah makan??' He asked Isabella.

'Dah makan?' with a male voice.

And he climbed up with his plate to continue watching the television.

All eyes witnessing the scene, paused, quiet and when he left, all of us broke into a gaffaw.

My cousins remarked,' Hah, dah makan?? Pakcik ingat baby ni umur berapa?? LOL. Penat saja baby duk panggil-panggil atok. Atok tanya dua ayat saja. LOL'.

My dad has not had a child for so long.
I was his only child but I stayed for too long with my aunt and grandma before I went to boarding school, matriculation and abroad for medical studies.

So excuse his awkwardness.
In his heart, he loves his grandchild dearly.
You should see him kissing Isabella's cheek.
So weird because he is not the cuddly kind of man:)


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