First time grandparents

Isabella is my parents' first grandchild.
Therefore, they can be considered amateur here.

My dad had an enough experiences taking care of me when I was young (started walking).
However, if I remember how he took care of me, it was very laid-back kind of parenting for example, going to the mall together and not holding my hand.
As a result, I always ended up lost in the mall or supermarket when I was 4 years old and above.
I was always terrified of getting lost so I would really follow him from behind.
Somehow, he would walk too fast and I would lose him.
To me it was a phobia.
 So, you would understand why despite him confidently assurring me that he can handle Isabella, I still refuse him gently. LOL.
I don't want to scar my poor baby for life.

My mom on the other hand, has never really took care of a baby or a child.
Though she adores Isabella and Isabella likewise, anyone could see how awkward she was holding Isabella as a baby.
She got panic too easily and she couldn't figure out why the baby was crying.
Therefore, I let them play together but I knew she wasn't having the confidence.

Anyway, yesterday as I had a class in Setapak and hubby is away shooting, I have no choice but to ask for their help.
Well, mom look worried and anxious.
Dad was over confident.
I left a whole lot of instructions to mom.

Yet after 2 hours, I received a call from mom.
'Isabella doesn't want to drink milk, she wants to eat cucur. She pointed to the cucur and said Nak!!!! Dap!! and when I gave her the bottle she said Nooo nooo! What should I do??'

I said,'It's okay mom. She likes cucur. You can give her milk later'.

Like 3 hours before my class ends, dad called me 'Adik, Bella takde pampers dah. Macam mana? Nnti adik balik beli pampers kat dia. Sementara waktu ayah bagi dia pakai suar dalam ayah'.

Owh God..
What is happening???
Hahahahaha what reasoning??
He must be panicking.
Although I appreciate his willingness to let Isabella poop or pee in his underwear, it was still weird and unnecessary.

I later pointed out more pampers for Isabella in my room.

Right after class, I drove from Setapak to Putrajaya as fast as I could.
There she was shouting at her opah for not giving her more cucur because they were still hot.
My dad??
I found him sleeping on my bed with the tv on.
According to mom, he slept next to Isabella.
After 3 hours, mom when to check on them, only to find Isabella wide awake, watching tv while atok snoring.

I woke daddy's up and asked,'how was it? Was it exhausting?'

With his eyes closed, he nodded.
He looked worse for wear.
Poor grandparents.
It is time they get use to having a grandchild.

It is at this age which will create eternal bond between grandparents and grandchildren.
Just like me and my arwah nenek:)


  1. hahahhaaha ur dad is soooooo damn cuteeeeee...i laugh out loud dah ni ...


  2. Hahahahahah! This is hilariousssss!!! pakai seluar dalam ayah. Omg... i can imagine ur panic


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