Interested to open your Taska??

Alhamdulillah. My practical in early childhood education is completed.
It was such a fun thing to be with my groupmates. I never knew at this late age, I could still make friends. I am so lucky to be amongst them. They have taught me a lot and shared their experiences as teachers. I really admire their ways of teaching. Even I chuckled watching them teach the kids. I felt like joining the class, so you can just imagine how the children enjoyed them.

Here are some photos that we took throughout the week.

Ms Lai is the owner of the Green Sprout Daycare centre in Sg Chua. She is a very loving lady who emphasize on kindness and moral values in nurturing young kids. Her approach is very inspiring and she teaches one hell of a class. She is a Buddhist, fully vegetarian which means her centre is a vegetarian centre. Most of her kids are Chinese but she has a Malay boy who recently has acquire the Mandarin language skill. 
So, anyone would like to visit her centre, can contact me. Trust me when I see a potential centre for children.

Ms Yu is a supervisor in a Kindergarten in Subang. She teaches piano, BM and Maths. She was very quiet the whole 4 months of our course and I was right when I assumed she was forced to come  for classes. She didn't join anyone for the 4 months and kept everything to herself. I thought she just completed SPM and somebody forced her to be with youbg kids and she hated it.

During the practical, she was in my group an surprised surprised, this 24 years old lady has a 7 year old boy, a loving mother with 6 years experienced running a kindergarten. She is a very good teacher, a wonderful and funny friend. I was so glad that I got to know her. When I told her about my observation, she laughed an aggreed that she felt force to come on the weekend as it is supposed to be well spent with her son. Looking at her son sad face just influenced her mood everytime.

For a group work, we had to make playdough for kids to play.

To be involved with kids you need to have Permata Certificate. Even if you have a Dip or Degree or Master in ECE, you still need to attend this course.

It takes a lot of work and only those really committed completed this course. We had so many participants initially but only 21 completed it. Others just dropped put along the way. Who would sacrifice the weekends for 4 months when you spend 5 days at work right?

After the course, you have to attend 5 days of practical in a choosen Taska.

After that there will be portfolio to submit and paper works for lesson plans.

Finally, you have to sit for a national exam by JKM.

Fees: RM 900, subsidized with RM 500, so balance RM 400 to be paid by participants.

Anyone interested can contact Institute CECE at Jalan Malinja, Taman Bunga Raya through Puan Aishah Ang 03-414 26362.


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