My whining again

My husband lied.
He promised to come home tonight but he didn't with excuses 'shooting tak setel, footage tak cukup and blablabla'.
I am so bored without him around.
Bored because I have spent so much time at work.
Thanks to my precious babysitter, very understanding kakak who Isabella loves dearly.

Last week, I vowed to spend more time with Isabella which means I would squeeze in some mommy and baby time during my Maghrib break.
Therefore, I fetched her at 5 p.m. and took her for 1 hour with me in the clinic before I send her home to my parents, and I continued working till the end.
Everynight when I came home, she would be just fine in front of the television until she saw me.
She became so melodramatic, wailing, sobbing and staggering towards me, complaining.
Such as 'where did you go mom? Why did you leave me behind?'

That was how I read her words.
It tore my heart.
Everynight it was the same drama, cry first and hugged mommy and never let go.
I thought by the end of the week, she would grow accustomed to my parents.
She didn't.
This week, I didn't pick her at 5 p.m. I just let her stay until I finished work at 10.30 p.m.
She was still happy by the time I fetch her or she would be very sleeping.
Once, as I placed her on her carseat and tried to belt her, she was so busy waving her right hand to her aunty that she interfered with my belting.
I noticed that she didn't stop waving.
Another day, she would hang at my window and waved to her aunty.
As if she was missing her already.

Now that is a pure love from a child.
Seeing that, I decided that rather than leave her unhappy at home with someone she doesn't prefer, I should let her be with people she enjoys more.
That means she didn't get that 1 hour mommy and baby time.
She didn't look unhappy about it so I have just to accept that I have to wait a little longer from seeing her.

Atleast, I didn't think whether she was crying at home or not like last week.
But seriously, I am so disappointed that she doesn't want to be left with my parents.
I wished she felt comfortable with them and all because Isabella is not the choosy kind.
She could be left with my MIL well enough.

I am telling you, I really hate this period of single mother, I am superwoman thing.
Everytime my husband goes shooting, I have to assume this role and it is very exhausting.
And I have just collected my dry laundry this evening.
Came home just to collect them and drove back to clinic.

My husband should belanja me or I super merajuk later (tgn silang didada).


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