How I saved my friend..

Some people are scared of blood and needles.
Today my nurse drew blood from a girl and the girl broke into cold sweats and cried.
She was a lady (adult).
Everyone felt bad except me.
Because there are more pain in this world if I compared to the pain from a needle.
This type of pain will go away soon.
Others might not.

To think of it, I actually chose my friends.
I mean I was friends with everyone but the close groups would be people who were like me, active, strong and not weak.
Not the fainting kind.
All my girlfriends could hike, climb and were willing to get involved in adventures.
Most of us could swim and none of us were scared of water.
I didn't know that people were scared of the sea and river streams until these few years.
I guess if you can't swim, you would be suspicious of the water right?
But what a loss because being inside the water makes you feel like a mermaid.
Free and happy.
I love swimming, snorkelling in the sea without life jackets.
Owh I wished I could go back to those islands again and Tasik Kenyir.
I did that when I was 7 months pregnant.
I need a beach vacation!!
Not like PD but a real beach.

Anyway, I actually wanted to tell you that amongs my fit and strong friends, I had this one friend who was not healthy.
She acted like she was though, joining us on every ventures but in the middle of it she might get an asthma attacks.
Even when we went shopping.
She couldn't walk for long distance.

The thing was, she always left her inhaler back in her dorm.
Who would go and get it?
I la kena lari balik dorm bawa inhaler.
Why la??
She should always carry it in her pocket but she always forgot about that thing.
For someone who was so prone to asthma attacks, she kept forgetting it.

Now, when your friend was having tight chest, wheezing and coughing out, of course I was running for her life.
Sometimes I was even in sarong batik and I would hiked it up to knee length and run to her dorm which was at the end of the corridor.
Panting, trying to catch my breath as I handed her the inhaler.
When she could talk again, she would expressed her gratitude and said,'Cip, hang dah selamatkan nyawa aku'.

Thinking back, I really remember those moments, that feelings of helping your friends when she needed you.
Those days, your friends would know more about you than your parents.
Life was way simpler back then with only friends to be dealth with.

Until these days, we still organize a meet up.
There are those friends you will keep in your heart forever and no matter how busy you got, how infrequent I contacted them because that is my flaw, I will never love them less.

Having friends are one of the greatest gifts because they bring wonderful memories.

Now, who wants to Isabella's friends??


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