The second time around

Yes guys!! I am pregnant again!!
I was so confident that I wasn't pregnant when I found out I was.

Like I said, my periods are the punctual kind so when I missed few days, I started feeling suspicious.
It was a fine working day and I just went home for shower.
I had delivered the congratulation to one of my regular patients that she was pregnant.
While I laughed and chatted joyfully, I felt relieved that it was not me.
She wanted that pregnancy though, so good for her.
Little thatI knew, I was pregnant as well.
So I went home and hopped into the shower.
I wonder what month this is.
'Owh, it is a new month.Wait a minute!! Don't I get my period early of the month?? Why didn't I get them? I probably need to check my phone. Shoot! I left them in the clinic. Should I test my urine now?? Or not? Hmm.. there is no need to test since I am not pregnant. I don't feel pregnant at all. I can't be pregnant right??'

I was having the internal discussion inside my mind.
Since, the test was there, I just did it.

After a few second...

2 clear lines eventhough when I tested it, I was just 1 day late.

Eyes almost popped out!!

Cannot be!!
This test is spoilt.
No!! I was careful!!
We were careful.
What happened??

I started wailing,crying and mopping on the floor while Isabella thought I was teasing her.
She started giggling.
She then climbed to the bed into my arms when I called her for a hug.

This not the best time to get pregnant what with me starting a business soon.
I am fully booked.
I can barely handle everything now and with my usual morning sickness, it would be almost impossible to do anything.

To say I am not happy with this is not true.
I am happy but maybe not right now.
We are the planners but Allah has the Last say in everything.
As I take it, He knows whats best for me and my family.
As a Muslim, I cannot and don't dare to question Him.
There are so many people who pray for this and I am the lucky one to be able to carry this Gift.

If only I can have a baby without being pregnant or minus morning sickness and lethargic.
Anyway we cannot choose which tests we want.

So as for yesterday, morning sickness is here to stay.
As an experienced mother in this morning sickness's field, I am preparing all the sour sweets and Jacobs crackers with me to work.

Thank you friends for the wishes.
Isabella will be a sister soon.
I realized that my staffs and friends are thrilled with this news.
Most of them have asked me or urged me to get pregnant long ago.
Now I can say that they won.
No hard feelings guys:P

Pray to Allah to give me strength and the will to be pregnant and yet conquer the world.


  1. congrats dear!!! I would be crying too if it was me.. hahahaha!! :p I know the feeling...

    1. Right???? ThankGod somebody understand why I stopped them from congratulate just yet...until maybe later hehehe


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