There is no walking slow for second pregnancy

Hye guys, I am not working today.
I decided to just take a day off and rest. I know it is only Tuesday and I just had a 2 days weekend but bite me!! I am pregnant. Hahahaha. What an excuse.
I have excuse to be lazy.
So what I did was I lingered on my bed and watched drama series.
It was so rare as I am  not someone who would linger in bed for free tine.
To think again I don't have free time.
I either sleep or work.
So I thought about that time when I was lying down shaking my legs while watching tv.
Felt some guilty pleasure creeping in me. Very strange pleasure. Anyway, I did a lot of cleaning, took care of my tod and finally cleaned myseld.
Thankfully, today I didn't have morning sickness except for some minor dizziness.
To me that is way better than my constant vomiting.
Perhaps, this pregnancy might not be so terrible. A fresh new hope is emerging.

Anyway, I am constantly hungry and I knew my kitchen is empty.
We haven't done groceries shopping I think for like 2 months or more.
Basically we don't live here, we just sleep here.
We live at work.
So, I took Isabella to get some food, Milo, her vitagens, butter and things to supply me when I get hungry. You know, pregnant lady needs back up food.

I remember being pregnant with my first child when I walked so gentlly and slow.
This time, huh?? I ran chasing after my girl who suddenly forgot to wait for me while I paid my groceries.
The way I train Isabella is very independent and responsible at the same time.
Whenever we go to the mall, she will walk next to me or in front of me. She might linger at some places or check somethings out and I will observe making sure she is safe. Thats all. She will stop and greet strangers, saying 'Hye', or 'Bye' and wave. 
She does everything she wants except she knows when She has to be careful, to watch out for people and trolleys or not to touch fragile things.
She listens and obeys.
Or she might tell me 'No touch' instead.
She is 1 year 5 months and some of you might think that she is too young to understand, but you are wrong. She does understand because she follows the commands and response to my instructions.
She helps me fill the basket with things I told her to get.
Kids are clever.
You are the one who will determine how fast they will understand this world.

She is very careful with slippery or wet floor. Even tiptoed on a dirty floor.
I would say when I observe any other 2 years old, I think Isabella acts older. Despite her small figure, people thought she was way after 2 years old.
At her school, the below 2 years old are like babies. My Isabella looks like she should join the after 2 years old class.
I hope she doesn't bully her peers.

Usually when I am going to pay the parking machine or at the cashier, I would tell her to wait and she would stand there next to me, waiting.
Today, she saw an escalator right outside the Aeon entrance and ran with her miniature stroller towards the escalator.
I dropped the Aeon card and ran towards her as I knew where she was heading.
I was running so fast not like a pregnant lady at all.
Our distances weren't that far but still I didn't take a chance.
Then, I dragged her to the cashier to pay the groceries while people waiting for me.
She didn't throw tantrum.
I kept quiet to calm myself down and then when I was calmed enough, I said,' Why didn't you wait for mommy?' (Stressed on the word wait. That is how kids pick up words they recognized earlier)

'You know better than to run around. It is not safe. I told you to wait.'
This time, she is waiting for me without me holding her hands.

This technique makes your life easier because when your child understand how he or she should behave, being safe, it will become a habit. You can get her involve in getting the groceries with you, choose which apples to buy and etc. You don't have to carry her and she learns to be reliable.
But you have to understand that kids are unpredictable.
They don't have logical thinking.
Sometimes they stray from your teaching.
That is fine but you have to keep your eyes on them at all time. Eventhough they don't see you, you are actually watching from a corner.
It is for their own safety and for you to not have to pay for several broken bottles from the rack.


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