My first day to school

I decided to enroll Isabella in a school to encourage social skills and language developments.
Why I choose Cyberjaya is because they have a mix of race to introduce Isabella to different cultures and languages.
After a while I decided on Real Kids.
You can check the Real Kids website.

Today is the first day to school.
Mommy couldn't sleep at night.
I had this dream that I need to prepare her breakfast and food to take to school.
I was restless.Lol.
I really hope she will have fun with friends.
Having friends will cheer her days.
Everyone needs friends and kid learn so much through having friends.
I like her school and the teachers.

When Isabella entered the hall, she went 'Wow' I guess the decoration impressed her.
As soon as she saw the other kids, she just walked into the room and said,'hyeeee hyeee' waving her hands, shaking hands with the teachers.
The principle and the teachers said, 'Owh she's very friendly'.

Toddlers below 2 years old are placed in a big babyproof room. It is located next to a small kitchen which is just for babies.
Next to baby's room, there is baby's playroom.
They have 11 infants with 4 teachers.
The room was spacious though so the 11 infants looked like 6 infants only.
They have Arabic infants, Chinese, Indian, Kazakhstan, Caucasian and Iranian, and 2 Malays.

Now, I am counting the hours to pick her up.
I can't wait to see her today and hear all about her friends.


  1. the bag is tooo big la mummy.hahahaha btw, she looks so cute.must be happy making new frens.insya allah she will be improved a lot.

  2. hahaha she chose that bag because of pocoyo and the wheels as well


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