What a week of stress and gratitude

It has been so long since my last post.
So many things have happened but at the end of the day I was too exhausted to do anything, not even blog.
Isabella's babysitter has been sick for the whole of this week and I had to take my baby along to work.
Now that she is a toddler the challenges are way way more than when she was a baby.
She can run and climb so you know it, she can do a lot of thing.
This clinic that I am working is a very busy clinic so dividing equal attention between patients and my child was exhausting.
Anyway I have to say that I really love this job. I so love my work.
You get to meet people and talk and chat and listen to them.
I met a policeman recently.
Judging from the way he dressed and his wrist watch, he has to be in a high post.
He is approaching pension soon.
He lost his voice.
The thing was, I just love the words that he gave to me. I could see that he was a loving person.

I asked him if I can give him MC? He refused because he said eventhough he couldn't talk, he could still write the order. He loves his work and enjoy them immensely.

He said,'I have seen so many cases especially involving the priviledged kids. They have everything, money, high elite education from the USA but they lack of one thing... a very fragile morality. Why??Takde kecermerlangan akhlak. Doctor, you think about that'.

He added,'We need sincerity when we are working. Our nawaitu is for Allah. Just like your work doctor. Any sadness, we keep it deep down in us and don't let it disturb the work'.

His voice was soothing and gentle. He reminded me of my father. My father talks like this.

Usually, I am the one who listen and talk. Rare enough for the others to give me some advices.
I really felt touched and appreciate the words from an elder very much.

As it turned out, we were neighbours before and he knew my father. He commented how he deeply respect my father and how well I have turned out.

I also met my mentor and entrepreneur in Oil and Gas. She is just 36 years old but she has several successful bussiness ventures. The main one is in Oil and Gas. So you can guess how wealthy she is.
She also has a Children daycare centre in PJ as her side dish.
She was delightful, beautiful and very encouraging. I am so lucky to meet her.
Having a mentor for a start up means you have someone to guide you when hit the wall.

So this whole week was a stressful week but a happy one.
I really can be stress and be grateful, happy at the same time.
I am not a complainer and I don't back off on challenges when things get hard.
Like okay no babysitter? Fine, baby you are coming with me. Though most times I felt like I jumping into the lake when she started demanding my attention when I have more people waiting.

One good thing that she received from following me was that she knows all my doctor equipment. Give her a stetoscope and she will listen to the left side of her chest or when she listen to her lungs, she would inhale very deeply that you could hear her. Chuckle.
She took a torch ligh and a spatula and told mommy to aaaaaaa just like how I always do to kids.

Tell them to aaaaa and check their throats.
She immitates me and that means she was watching.

I am glad she benefitted from her trip to clinic because she has never visited a doctor in the clinic.
Since her mother is a doctor, why would I take her to another doctor for something I know.

Fuhhhhh!! I am so glad that March is over. The month was a tough one. My staffs said I was moody but I wasn't. I was exhausted at the end of the month due to the lack of rest and the long hours of working. But they don't know that unless they try.
In the evening, I would feel so sleepy, exhausted and just want to lie down and sleep but I couldn't because I was still on duty. When I go back home it was 10.30 p.m. I need to shower and give full attention to my child. Sleeping at 1 a.m. and waking up and be at work at 9 a.m. until 10.30 p.m. with no day off for a month. Try that. Anyone will become quiet and exhausted after few weeks.
Anyway, how much I work is my choice and my decision so I wanted this, no complaints:)

I have to say 2015 is a great gift with continuos blessings for my husband and I.
My husband has had several hard years and Allah has tested us in so many way for so long through him. I have always stood by him, supporting him in words and strength.
I have prayed for his star to shine soon.
Rezeki works in a weird way. Allah always give me so much and so easy. Meaning if I am upto it, that wealth will be mine. But to him... so difficult sometimes almost nothing.
Probably thats why he gave me more than I can share and I did.
I never lost faith in my husband. He is a brilliant and talented producer and someday he will be appreciated the way I appreciate his work.

And one day he called and told me that he got this offer with a very good salary.
We bith know how cheap entertainment business can get. They pay you ciput and unworthy of your hard labour. Alhamdulillah the company liked his previous work and want him to be their producer.
So yes he is so busy now but that means his star is shining.
Alhamdulillah. One big heavy rock of my shoulder.
After several months now, he is getting more and more responsibilities.
When luck is not at your hands, don't lose faith. Don't despair. Never give up. Look for the opportunity, work hard and have faith in Allah S.W.T.
He did promise to reward us in His way to those who have patience and put good effort.
I always believe in that.
And thats what drives me to continue for the better.
And one more thing, do not complain about your rezeki because it sounds very ungrateful to the one that has bestowed upon you.

Okay darlings. Love to chat with you more but my two loved ones are awake and we plan to spend the day together doing something fun.
Keep steady guys.


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