Trip to the National Zoo

We had the best of time last Saturday.
We went to the National Zoo.
Since Isabella loves Panda or 'Danda' as she calls it, we decided to show her the live Pandas.
It was a bright day.
There were so many visitors and tourists on that day.
The ticket was RM 54/person including Panda Convention.
Kids below 3 years old are admitted free.
The zoo was clean and well maintained.
There were so many animals and Isabella enjoyed each one of them.
She loves animals.
At home, she has her favourite animal's book which she go through everyday until she recognized every single one of them.

It makes her trip to the zoo more exciting.
She started shouting the name of each animal she spotted and I was a very proud mommy.
This is also one of her favourite the bear.
When entering this place, we were advised to keep silent.
It was so difficult to do as Isabella tried to wake the Panda up by calling loudly 'Danda!!'
Embarassed, we tried to shussh her gently.

It was very worth it.
We had a splendid time.
The experiences Isabella brought home that day was so precious.
To make the trip more beneficial, try to introduce the animals to your kids before they go to the zoo.
They will be so excited when they recognize the animals.
Just like Isabella.
When it was time to go home..

Where should we go next??


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