Feeling like myself again

Today I woke up feeling so good.
For 3 months I didn't feel like showering, I have not cleanse my face and make myself presentable.
Today, I cleansed my face twice, I put moisturizer again after so long and some powder before going to work.
I don't think my staff will ask me their usual question,'Dr mandi tak harini?'
Because I didn't look like I showered hehehehhee.
So yea today I am back to my old self.

I drove to work with a smile.
I greeted every patient with my cheerful, bubbly self again.
Boy I miss doing that.
I have been very quiet and lethargic all these while that I didn't talk much to them.
When you smile to others, they will smile back to you.
I love that, that cheerful atmosphere.

Anyway, as I was seeing patients, my nurse told me that a patient specifically requested me.
I checked her name, but I didn't recognize her.
She came in and I knew her immediately.
The last time she came, it was for her daughter and now she wanted to check her blood pressure to make sure she is fit to travel abroad for work.
As always, she is very cheerful, loving, talkative in a good way and funny.

She commented how I lost weight.
Really?? I thought I put on weight.
She asked me why?
Is the job too stressful, too busy for me?
I told her that I am on my last week of completing first trimester and I have been having bad morning sickness.
She complimented how I look good today, glowing.
So I told her that today is the first day that I put on face powder and feel better.

Little did I know that behind her cheerful self, she has been keeping a tumor in her brain for 20 years and the neurosurgeon said that, it is inoperable.

That made me sad and I started dropping tears.
I told her that I have been very sensitive lately that I cried everytime I watched a movie or drama.
It was sad knowing that you have something incurable and the only thing you can do is to wait.
I am not acting like a doctor now or else I wouldn't cry.
But she was so nice.
Anyway, I hugged her tight and told her to come again, to drop by.
She wished me well as I wished her long healthy life, and for us to meet again.

All and all, I feel back to myself.
Which means, I will open the pink book soon at 12 weeks hehehe.
Late booker.
Okay guys, I wish good day:)
I leave you with my second child.

And first child.


  1. u know what , i am pregnant my 2nd too and my due date will be early Dec.:)
    what a coincidence kan..bila i nampak u announced kat IG , i macam terkejut sebab sama.hahaha.



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