10 places to see in Bali

Good morning from Bali...
This must be the most comfortable place to blog, just by the pool.

Places to go in Bali..

1)Ubud-Pura Desa Batuan.

It is an ancient temple.
You will be given sarong to cover yourself.


3)Monkey Forest Temple

It was like a big forest with temple and monkeys.
Basically, there was nit much to see except to just chill around but Isabella loved the monkeys.
She made so much noise seeing the monkeys so we were fine.

4)Taman Ayun Temple at Mengwi.

Bali is so clean.

5)Ulu Danu Temple

This place is the most beautiful place in Bali.
Atleast to me.

My baby bump looked weird here with the wind.

6)Tanah Lot

7)Jimbaran Bay

8) Pandawa Beach

9)Kuta Beach

10) Padang-Padang Beach

Personally, I think the most beautiful beach goes to Pandawa Beach.
The most beautiful sunset goes to Jimbaran Bay.
The most beautiful sacred place goes to Ulu Danu Temple.

We skipped UluWatu because of the long walk and my MIL and I weren't up for it. So we chose Tanah Lot instead of Uluwatu.
I actually wanted to see them both.


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