Father's day

We are back from our long vacation.
Officially started working today.
We spent the weekend at my husband's kampung and do you know who was the happiest of all??
Our daughter.. Isabella Hani.
She was so free visiting her cousins next door, disappearing every half and hour to their house and only showed up to say hye to us, with a quick kiss on the cheeks.

It was father's day yesterday.
We celebrated by watching my husband's telemovie Khilaf together with the whole family.
Starring ErinMalek, Him, Esma Daniel and Kamarool Hj Yusoff.

Wished him early in the day..

Today, he came to iftar with me in the clinic.
It was a surprise.
Such small gestures but mean a lot to me.
Especially when I know how much he hates going through the traffic at that hour.

See.. even Isabella agrees that you are the best daddy in the whole world.
Today I picked her from kiddy and he was waving this board, shouting happily 'daddy daddy'.
She continued doing so even in the car.
That was a sigh of contentment.


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