Bad parents

Good Friday..
We are still in bed.
Ahhh!! So good to be not working.
We are supposed to start packing for a vacation which is today but owh my, my feet and calves are sore.

Isabella is still sleeping and she looks very sleepy as well.
So I asked hubby..

Me: Syg, baby mcm mengantuk sgt. Dia tido kul berapa smlm.

Well, I always sleep way earlier than both of them since pregnant.

Hubby: Entahlah syg. I tido dulu dari dia. Dia tgk Hi-5 semalam.

Me: Hahahahhaa. Owh then dia naik atas katil sendirilah ye.

Both of us giggled. Felt funny and guilty for sleeping earlier. Cannot tahan already but lucky for us that Isabella can sleep whenever she choose to.


Okay, I need to drag myself out or I will miss my plane.
Will post more during the holiday.
I really really need this break.
I have been looking forward to it.
All work and no vacation is totally boring.

See you guys..


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