Opening pink book

I am officially in my second trimester.
Just start my antenatal check up on Monday at 13 weeks.
The nurses were wide eyes at how late it was.
I mean if you are pregnant, you should have an antenatal check up around 7-8 weeks.

If you go to any government facilities, they will fill your details into this pink book.
Your contact number, emergency contact, your date of last menses and estimated due date.
On the first day, they will draw some blood to test your blood group, Rhesus, HiV, VDRL for infectious disease and Hepatitis B as well.
This is essential to prepare the medical officers during the delivery.

You should open your book early.
Me? Well, doctors always start late. In our defences, we know the physiological process which makes if anything is not right, trust me we know.
So I did early dating scan at 10 weeks.
This is when we try to see fetal heart beat ( twinkle-twinkle little star), then we will make sure that it is uterine pregnancy (mengandung di dalam rahim) because an extrauterine pregnancy needs early intervention before complications.
Next, we measure the size to see if it correlates with our last menstrual date.

What are the supplements that you should take?
This is one of the most popular question I get from people.
You should take folic acid 3 months before conceiving and continue during pregnancy.
Folic acid is believed to help with internal organ formation such as the eyes, spine and brain.

Then, you need to take hematinics (ubat tambah darah) as our blood tends to get diluted to adapt with new circulation. Pregnant mothers also tend to get anemia or low hemoglobin.
That is why hematinics are very important. Not enough blood means not enough oxygen and food to baby.
So you understand right.

I booked an appointment to KK Presint 18 and the nurse insisted that I come on the very next day as I was already 13 weeks.
She said,'Doctor dah lewat'.
Of course I couldn't just show up on the next day as I need a day off or half day.
I bargained with her to move the appointment to next week.
Told her, I was fine and have taken all the screening blood plus did my scan earlier.
So, nothing to worry about.

We reached the clinic at 8.30 a.m. It was very new, opened this year March.
There weren't that many people but the service was slow, I guess because they are still on trial.
Anyway, after 2 hours of waiting for the counter nurse to call my name to fill up the pink book, I volunteered to the Sister at the counter to fill myself.
Since I know the questions and what to be filled, I have an advantage there.
I told them that I only need to see a nurse, as I've taken all my blood with a result compiled.
Thank God, I managed to speed up that process.
If not, after 2 hours waiting to be called to a counter to get your pink book filled, you will be directed to a lab and wait for your turn to get some blood.
Then, you will have to take turn to see a doctor.
No wonder some patients of mine told me that they were there for 6 hours.
I did my antenatal check up previously in KK Presint 9. The longest was 2 hours as they mastered the system. 

2 hours and 30 minutes for antenatal check up in government facilities is not too shabby thanks to my preparation.
Still, I rushed to work feeling completely drained.

But it was for RM 1 right. Sesuai ler..

Eventhough I plan to deliver in a private centre, I still will go to gov centre for check up.
I usually have to 2 check ups in a month, gov and my private Obgyn.
You never know what happen towards the end of delivery. Having a book with your details with you means you can go to any facilities to deliver in case you are stucked somewhere.
All the histories are there and a new doctor will know you right after reading that book.

That is why I always suggest to mothers to do gov check up as well.
Especially because they send nurses for home visit during your confinement.
To check mothers and babies.
What you need to do is just inform your KK after the delivery. Just call them. If Klinik Desa, just pay them a visit.
You will be thrilled to have a professional nurse see your wound, womb and your new born.
Owh even if you deliver at private, you still can inform them.

Okay guys, gotta get ready to work.


  1. i agree with u to check at both private and gov.tapi, tunggu kat kk ,mannnn its took ages.the most challenging part i guess hahaha.


    1. hahahahaha true. I went to work with a heavy head. Totally drained my energy.


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