It must be a girl

It must be a girl!!
Said my MIL yesterday.

I spent a whole Sunday making Honey Cornflakes and Almond London for Raya.
This year, I didn't order from anyone.
To think again, every year I don't really order cookies from anyone except if I trust the outcomes.
Yes! I am that fussy.
You can ask my trusted baker Nurul Shari and she will tell you that it makes her palms sweating thinking about baking for me.
But the thing is, she always delivers the best.
She doesn't have to sweat at all.

So, the last time I baked anything was like 12 years ago.
My cousin and I, we loved making cookies for Raya.
We didn't order but we took pride in making our own.
Being in high school, we managed to made great cookies without supervision.

This year, I decided to make them again.
Only 2 done. More coming, especialy Pineapple Tart.
Owhh I love that.

Most of the cookies, I will leave with my MIL and will take some for my staffs to try and a container each for my relatives in Kulim.

After finished with the cookies, I cooked 'Nasi Ayam' for my husband and family.
This was requested by my husband.
Alhamdulillah, made them with love and everything turned out great.
I have never really cooked at my MIL's house all these years other than just helping with the dishes's preparation.
So this pregnancy is a miracle one.
My MIL smiled and said'it must be a girl. You are carrying a girl'.

By the time everything was ready, except to cover the Almond London with chocolates, I felt very dizzy due to the heat and dehydration.
My kind sister in law, stepped in.
And my husband suddenly offered to join her as I went to get my mak's hot ointment.
It was so sweet of my husband.
Really. I think that was a very romantic gesture.
Took me by surprise.

I always believe that in order to win your husband, you have to win his parents and family.
That is why, every weekend we would go back to his parents' house.
I would not say no.
Lately with the article on how daughter in law refused to spend days at the husband's hometown, I told my nurses this tips.. to win your husband, to have him keep you in heart forever is to always prioritize his family.
If he says,' Jom balik kampung'.
You should answer,' Ok. jom'.
If he doesn't say anything, you say,'Jom balik kampung'.

If anything comes up with his family, be someone who makes it easier for him. Try to ease his burden like maybe you can help his family in some matters or prepare birthday gifts for his nieces and nephews, you know.
He will know that you always think about his family and that is because you love him and them as well.
That is marriage. A unison of 2 families, not a unison of 2 persons.

There are so much to learn to be 'isteri solehah' and everyday is a learning process.
3 years of marriage and many more years to come InsyaAllah.
May we grow old together and be together forever till afterlife. Amin.

P/s: Jgn garang-garang dengan suami tau:)


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