'Mommy, nak asik'

Good morning people!!
We are reaching almost the end of Ramadhan.
Time flies.
Where are you guys celebrating the Eid?
This year, we are going back to Kulim for my side of family and then Negeri Sembilan for my husband's side.
There are so much plans and I can't wait to see our relatives.
This is the period of time when everyone will gather and owh so much fun.

Today is a sleepy day for me.
I was rushing to work.

I woke up for 'sahur' and woke my husband up.
He took his sweet time so Isabella woke up in his place.
'Mommy, nak asik'.
This girl is an eater.
She can eat anything, anytime.
Please God don't make my daughter obese.
She usually wakes up with us to eat.

Then, she took her sweet time to go back to sleep.
Which means, mommy and daddy woke up heavy headed for work.


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