Fitness in pregnancy??

I am so enjoying my weekend guys. My God!! Weekends are the best. To think that all these years I have missed weekends. I was so used to not having weekends or public holidays that I didn't even feel the differences. Now since pregnancy, no more weekends. I respect my physical limitation even at a high price. Hehehe. You get paid a lot on werkends guys. Anyway, I don't know if i can ever go back to that crazy routine ever again after birth.

So here I am enjoying a free time just me and Isabella. Hugging and cuddling. We napped for 3 hours this noon. We woke up with such peace.

I am also indulging myself with this

Sinfully delicious. I feel bad though.
Because I need to control my sugar, my diet and my weight.

A healthy pregnancy needs only roughly 11 kilos of increment.
Well, I am already at my limit here and I am just 27 weeks. Which means 3rd trimester later, will increase much more.
I need to do something guys.
So I made a plan.
I need to lose weight through healthy eating and start working out.

So here are my plans. 
I always jot down things in my notes.
I am very organized.

So starting tmrw, I will start with yoga to warm up. Cycling we just have to ease into it slowly.

Why am I freaking out?
Because I don't want to get Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
And I want a healthy baby not an overweight baby who is prone for Diabetes Mellitus in the future.

Yup doctors have so much on our minds and we think about everything. It is hard to ignore when you have infos and knowledges inside your mind.

Guys, wish me luck okay.
I am a lazy person.


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