Genie in the bottle again??

Alhamdulillah last night my little girl was able to sleep in her new home..
All these while, I never had trouble adjusting to new home except this time.
Well, we have never moved with a child before.
So on that Friday, right after hubby left for Johor, Isabella and I had to soend our first night all alone.
Mommy wasn't scared because I don't think much about mystic things.
Except that it suddenly happened.
It was 10 p.m. at night when my sister in laws dropped by.
Suddenly Isabella cried so loud and uncontrolable.
We thought because, her sleep was interrupted so they left.
However, she still continue crying for a good of 1 and a half hour.
The cry was so loud that I was so sure the neighbours would have heard it.
I had to carry her all the time because she was too scared to be put down.
And she kept asking me to go out,'Let's go. Out!out!' in between her sobs.

I started reciting 3 Qul, Al-Fatihah and Kursi but she was still crying non stop.
So, finally at 11.45 p.m. I took her out of the house.
She stopped crying immediately.
We went for a walk at the main lobby.
The cry has stopped but her mood was still moody.
Stress! Especially after a whole day of cleaning and lifting stuffs, my back hurts so to lift her around, hurt way more.
I called hubby to inform.
He contacted his brother in law who asked for the photos of the room and living room.
I had only the living room's photo.
He promised to help from his home itself.Right after 30 minutes, he called saying that he has cleared Isabella now. He will work on the house.
He actually learned these things so we would always turned to him whenever Isabella acted strange.
He used Islamic's methods of course.
He told us to not enter the house for 30 minutes while he is working on it.
So, we went to the playground at 12 mn. The only people there and it was so dark and quiet.
Crazy lady bringing a little child in the middle of the night.
But I have nowhere to go.
I didn't grab my car keys because I was so stress with all the crying that I couldn't think straight.
Not ton mention that I didn't change my clothes at all as Isabella would become so hostile if I enter the master bedroom. I grabbed a shawl to cover my hair.
Some residents we passed in the lift were looking at me.
I guess I looked like makcik.
Then, I just realized that my pajamas was a 3 quarter which was slightly below knee. And here I was trying to cover my hair.
Seriously, I couldn't think at all in the house after 1 and a half hour of loud cry.
She doesn't cry that often. Very very seldom.
I always had it easy guys.

After 15 minutes in the playground, I decided to visit my sister in law who lives right above us.
It was late and I hate to bother people late at night.
They must be exhausted from work and probably would be asleep now.
I tried my luck and they were still awake.
It was so good to finally sit down.
Isabella was fine again. Her temperament has changed to her usual. Alhamdulillah.
I was starving as well.
Haven't had dinner yet as I was too busy cleaning and there was no food in the house, not even cooking oil.
Good thing about staying close to your relatives, there was food to be eaten.

She transferred a few files with Surah into my phone and advised that I keep it playing all the time.
The house was left for for too long and we know the genie would be making that a home now.
Kids, they see these things that we don't see.

Finally, my husband called to tell me that we can go back to our place now.
We went home and right outside the room, I started playing the surrah recital.
I let it play for a while before I open the door.
As soon as I entered, I started Iqamat.
Isabella just peeped through the small opening, her eyes searched around.
She entered cautiously and followed me around.
That night the ordeal was over.

I thought it would be over forever.
I was wrong.
Right after Maghrib the next night, she started again.

I took her out for a short while and when we went back, I let the recital played outside the door.
I noticed then that even when she entered the living room, she refused to go to the master bedroom.
After few minutes of reading Surrah Yasin in the room, she was calm and willing to be inside but I couldn't close the door or she would be struggling to get out from the room.
Once I opened the door, she would stand at the hall and gestured with her right palm,'Mommy, come. Mommy come. Let's go mommy'.

At night, she would not sleep. Her eyes would be so swollen as it was 2 a.m. and yet she would fight the sleepiness.
I placed her on my bed with the light on (a must for her), door opened.
Surrah Yasin playing on my phone.
I was so sleepy, exhausted , stress and everything.
It was a bad weekend for me.

The next night, it happened again.
She cried and cried and once the surrah started playing, she would quiet down.
But she still ask to go out.
Her mood can be unpredictable.
She refused to sleep.
She was never like this.
This girl never kept her parents awake at night before this.
She was not a cry baby.
She was always happy and brave.

Finally, at 12 mn, hubby came home.
He had to see what I have to deal with and his patience was way less than mine.
I knew he would not be able to handle Isabella if it was him on that weekend.
I had to remind him that this is not her. Something is wrong so he has to be patient.
He started 'azan' loud.

On the 4th night, Monday night,  we came home from work around 11 p.m. and I started reciting Surrah Yasin.
As I memorized them, I could recite while doing other work.

That nighg, Isabella didn't cry. She was back to her normal happy self but she still refuse to sleep.
Her babysitter told us the same that she didn't want to sleep with light off in Putrajaya.
She said 'no' when her babysitter off the light.
All these while, she has been sleeping in that room alone, well.

Lastnight, she fell asleep early.
She didn't cry.
She wasn't scared of the house and room anymore.
She could drink milk on the bed alone while I went to the kitchen.
I finally get to sleep well.
4 days of sleepless night was bad for me.
Learned a lot as well.
Now I know what I should do before entering a new home.


  1. reading your story, i can imagine what you have went through. impress with your brave and patience. If myself in yr shoes, i dont think i can handle that situation. plus u are pregnant, double salute to you :) strong !

    1. Hahahahahahhaha.. I myself can't imagine what I went through that week. So many times I felt like jumping into the pool and drown(joking). I was desperate that's why. Wouldn't want to go through all those things at one shot again. Thank you girl for the nice words..


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