Goodnight Isabella..

I have been preparing Isabella's room recently.
I bought a wallpaper with small flowers.
I love English theme so every decoration will not stray far from the style.
The pastel colors, the tiny flowers and a little bit of green here and there.
However, for kids room I chose some pastel colors with yellow and pink.
I wanted the room to be bright and cheerful.

This is the reading corner.
The cot is for our second baby.

Isabella loves the stars and ladybirds.
She would count them everyday.
The room is almost done.
Just need to buy a wallpaper's border to add on the partition.
I sticked this myself and really enjoy doing it except for the back pain.


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    1. hahhaa rajin tu mmg betoi tp cantik tu aku xtaula sb aku ni tak creative. Aku rasa klu professional buat mesti lawa


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