I salute those housewives.
You guys have the greatest patience ever.
I surrender after a weekend withmy daughter.
I felt like she was bullying me.
Probably she wanted so much attention since mommy was at home.
First she said, she wanted to watch Barney. When i clicked Barney, she said, 'No, Hi-5'.
Then 'No, Bugs' for bugs life.
She did it so many times.

Or, she will say, 'mommy, I want asik'.
When I went to put rice in a plate, she said,'No, water'.
Or 'No, I want soup'.
And I had to sit and get up again and again until I felt so drained out.
Hubby was not at home.
At one point, I knew she was doing this on purpose because sometimes she laughed at her own behavior.

Finally, it was late at night and I was so drained out.
I sat on the bean bag quietly, feeding her rice at 11 p.m,
She went behind me and checked my pant. She said,'Yak ke?Hmm, yak la'.

I was so annoyed.
If I wasn't so exhausted I would have laughed.
She did that several times.
How dare she did that to me.
I plak yak??

I thought, hmm working wasn't this exhausting.
Atleast where I work, I will be just sitting down, me and my belly.
At 7 months, getting up and down is so back breaking.


  1. hehe clever girl, jadi kawan gaduh mommy

    1. Right??? Why would she do that?? What a bully hahaha


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