Stay strong because life is precious;)

I took Isabella for a swim today.
Seriously that girl hates swimming so much.
She is so different from her daddy and mommy.

She was so noisy as she practiced on her kick 'mommy no, mommy I want out, I want up, I want that flowers'.
So many excuses but thankfully the legs were kicking.
She has improved on her kicking stroke.
Next will be the arms stroke.
Baby steps.

How did I make her get inside the water?
I promised that each time will just be until a count of 10.
And then she can sit again at the edge of the pool.
After few minutes, she has to swim again for 10 counts.
So she gets it.
She is 1 year and 10 months now.
I can't believe how time flies.
She goes to Realkids Cyberjaya preschool.
I love how she shows her improvement.
She is friendly to her peers, she can socialize with them and adults as well.
The other day, when I went to fetch her, she saw me and she gestured to a little girl, her age and told her ,'Mommy' as she smiled pointing at me.

She has good manners in greeting people, shaking hands, blowing flying kiss, wishing them goodbye, bye, or see you soon, miss you.
She throws rubbish into the bin even when she didn't make that rubbish.
She arranges her slippers and shoes before going into a house.

Lately, she sings Alphabetes songs, Twinkle twinkle little star, rain rain go away, are you sleeping?

I guess the school plays all these songs daily.
I love the improvement each day.
Of course as a parent, I try to educate her but with the limited time that I have, I really wish that she can benefit from others as well.

As for now, she still go to Cyber with me in the morning but soon I will have to stop her.
It is getting tiring for me and her I guess.
Although she sleeps in the car, but she goes home late at night with me.
She enjoys spending time with her auntie in Putrajaya while I work night.

3 more months and I will give birth insyaAllah, so we will have to stop her from going to preschool.
It is so sad.
Her auntie took her to a park yesterday.

Plus, she is 12 kg now and mommy finds it harder to carry her when she sleeps.
Still, I love the fact that she is with me in the morning and in the evening.
If she stays in KL, I will only see her at night.
I don't think I can survive seeing her very less like that.
I'm so used to having her around with me and even at work.
I will miss her too much.

Anyway, I feel so blessed and so much loved by my husband and daughter, my relatives as well.

I made mashed potato and coleslaw with baked chicken today.
My husband is on a healthy diet.
Isabella loves the mashed potato so much.
It tasted so 'seddaaaap'.
Everything was delicious but the mashed potato was exceptional.
Gonna have to jot down what I put just now.
Planning to make for her 2 years old birthday.

Okay darlings.
Wishing you guys a great day.
No matter how hard we find things to be, we have to persevere and find a way out.
Stay strong:)


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