Get back in line Mister

Get back in line Misterr!!
I seriously don't understand why people don't que, or try to cut the que.
How rude.
So I was lining up at Maybank cash deposit.
The line was so long and I was the last person.
It has always been long and I have been postponing the transaction for too long.
No choice, have to line up.
So I did.
15 minutes passed.
A Foreigner not sure which country but Asian Japanese or Korean male.

He tried to cut the line by standing next to a guy who was lining up.
I watched him but I kept quiet.
As the lline was moving he decided to squeeze in but the Malay guy didn't give space and said something quietly to him.
Everybody looked at the foreigner.
I said,'Excuse me, line starts fom here please', pointing to behind me.

He answered,'hmm I was lining here from before'.

I replied loud and strictly (no shout),'Yes, I saw you. You see, I am pregnant and I am sick. However, I still line up for this. Have some respect', as I pointed to my belly.

His face became red and he started walking behind me.
I shamed him right?
He was trying to cut a pregnant lady's line.
How rude.

Then, everyone lining in front of me turned to look at me.
The 2 ladies who were having their turn, offered to let me take place in front of them.
I declined of course but they were really insisting hahaha.
So I said,'I'm really fine. I can wait. We are all busy so just go ahead'.

I have to admit that I am strict that way.
My husband doesn't agree with me.
But to me, everything has to be fair.
If I see someone being stepped on, I would interfere as well.
If there is no rule, there will be chaos.
That's all.

Okay, another story.
What we face in clinic is we are being bullied by the African's customers.
Not all but only they do this trick.
They see doctors but don't pay.
They just walk away fast before the staffs collect any money.
Some clinic even refused to treat them.

So the owner of the clinic that I work in, confided the problem but she said she didn't want trouble because you know they are big, wild, can be violent as well.
They always shout whenever in distress.
Owh please as if you are the only one in distress or in pain.

So the other day, I gave an African guy nebulizer.
Then I went to toilet.
When I came back, I heard some shout at the counter.
'What 40 ringgit??? So expensive. I'm not going to pay!!'

As a result, my staffs were going to charge only for nebulizer, RM 20.

So I went to the counter.

'Why are you shouting? Didn't you request to see a doctor. So you saw one. I treated you so you have to pay. Didn't you ask for lots of medicine which I declined? You would have to pay more if I followed your request. Now, whats the problem?'

He replied,'If I go to government hospital, I don't have to pay'.

I shot back,'Which government's hospital?? Your gov? Yes. But Malaysian's hospital will charge you way higher than us. Only local get free treatment and sir you are not the local people. If we charge this price and Malaysian pay us why should you get a discount???'

He started to smile and said,'Okay doctor. I get your point. I will pay'.

'How much are you paying? I want you to pay full RM 40. Next time, if you don't wish to pay, don't come here'.

I didn't shout but I can be very firm.
I shot back to the Middle east guys multiple time as well.
He tried to cut the line for a Malay guy who was having terrible migrain.

Too much!! This is too much.
You are too rude.

'Doctor, why are you angry??'the middle east guy asked me.

I replied,'I despise rudeness. I don't like rude people. Fullstop'.

'I'm sorry doctor', he appologized.

'Yes. You should be. Now tell me what is bothering you', professionally back to my doctor post.

Who said it is easy being a doctor?? Hahaha.
You turn into a fighter as well.
Okay guys, enough story.


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