preparing Isabella for the newborn

People say that your child will become super clingy when you are pregnant.
I can sense that Isabella is becoming extra clingy than usual.

She would call me whenever I was in the kitchen or in my room,'Mommmyyy...'
It was a very soft, gentle tone that my husband and I really adore.
I would answer,'Yes syg'. Equally gentle.
I guess she just wanna make sure that I or her daddy was there.

She is 1 year 11 months and it is so delightful being around her.
She is a bright girl.
It worries me how she will turn out to be as a teenager.
She sings a lot.
She can sing the song 'Mewangi', 'Isabella' on top of the usual nursery rhymes.
She speaks clear without a trace of baby talk.

Last night hubby told me that while he was sleeping on the carpet in front of television, accompanying Isabella watching the 'Kung Fu Panda', he was awaken several time when she called,'daddy daddy hhmmmm muuuuaaaaah' with a kiss on her daddy's cheek.
She did this again and again from time to time.
She was still watching while her daddy was too sleepy to stay awake.
It was such a sweet gesture from her.
It made me as a mother, proud of her affections towards her daddy.

We always try to instill good behavior and morality in our children at an early age.
Sometimes we are unsure if we are raising them the right way.
What we can do is continue learning and do our best.

We try to teach her about responsibilities towards her younger sibbling so we got her this doll. She takes care of the doll very well. They are inseparable as you can see. She will feed, dress and undress the 'baby' as she called it. She would comb the hair, sit and sleep together.
Her baby will have to drink the milk before she drinks it. I have to feed the baby as well while feeding Isabella.
I just go along with her play.
Whenever she wants to sleep, she will say,'Mommy, hug me' and place my one hand on her tummy as I started patting her. She started patting her baby next to her and recited,'Lailahaillallah'.
That brought a smile on my lips.
It is so funny when your child immitates you.
Sometimes, she will pat the baby's head and said,'sorry'.
I wasn't sure what she did to feel sorry to her baby.
But I remember doing that to her when I accidently bumped into her when she trailed behind me too close.

We really hope that she will be a dear sister to her sibbling.

I was telling my husband the other day that he has to pay a lot of attention to her after the baby is born.
She should never feel the need to compete or feeling like losing out love just because a new arrival.
This is to prevent her from resenting her sibbling.

It is tricky but hopefully we will guide her well. Sigh. Kind of scary to see the outcome. InsyaAllah everything will be fine.


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