It was my sister in law's solemnization yesterday.

My husband, the only boy in the family had to take over from 'arwah' my father in law, so he was sitting next to 'Tok Imam'.

And that was my daughter running around from me to her daddy. She just couldn't stop running guys.
Cry a river.
Seriously I felt like crying over there.
Her favourite route was the one with gifts. I was living in constant fear, fear of toppling the nicely arranged gifts.
Finally, I took her to the female section and she continued running overthere.
After a while she started chanting 'I want daddy' and met with a vehement No from me which made her cry.
It was for me such a long ceremony. I was saying to myself silently 'Cepatlah nikah'.
I guess it was more than an hour, where I chased Isabella around.
It gave me headache later.
With backpain.
I started limping at home during the gathering and I went to sleep off my headache.
 As a result, I didn't have any photo of myself.
So sad.
I was wearing a beautiful rose jubah from Imaan Boutique which I bought from fv. My husband and Isabella wore the same color.
I was going to take a family photo but no.
I never get to take photo these days.
Everything just worn me out fast.
You could see me being active for like few hours and the rest of the day, I will be so quiet looking like fainting.
I am not obedient with my multivitamins as well.
Which is giving me all these body pain and legs' cramp.
From now one, I am going to be very discipline with taking them.

I also decided to try Shaklee ESP for extra energy and calcium.
You cannot be healthy and fit without enough fuel (supplements, nutritions) in your body.
That's it.
No matter how I hate popping up pills, I will take them now.


  1. beb.amik shaklee ostematrix jugak.its really good.i dunno how that thing works but,that calcium gives you extra energy when u wake up in the morning.

    1. owh okay I will try both then. I need the extra boost of energy and I need them a lot hahaha

  2. Bgus2...
    Jgn lupa plak..
    Aku selalu terlupa...
    Kunun amik supplement sbb xnak penat n nk cantik...
    Tp end up slalu lupa


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