Preparing labor bag

The IPU is so terrible, unhealthy.
It is not a good weekend for family's outing.
I try to keep Isabella inhouse as much as I can.
It is easier at home but lastnight we went to visit my parents in Putrajaya and spent the night at my MIL's place.
This morning, I saw Isabella already trying to inspect the yard.
Managed to catch her in time.
Hubby had to work today so we made a move at 10 a.m.
These days, I spend so much time at home compared to before that I find myself wondering how to occupy myself.
Of course there's the house chores and attending to my little girl but I still have so much time left, which I occupied by doing a little bit of reading and researching.
I am in the process of packing up a bag for labor.
Need to be prepared as I am 30 + weeks already.
I've collected all Isabella's newborn clothes which were still rather new and washed them.
I guess the new baby will have to wear Isabella's clothes.
Newborn grows so fast that the clothes would just fit for 3 months.
It would be a waste not to pass them down right? Hehehe.

I don't have much to prepare this time other than a labor bag, confinement's set and confinement lady.
I found a confinement lady who lives nearby with the help of a friend.
Still have my breastpump set, baby carrier and stroller.
Checked checked.
The only thing I need to buy is a newborn's pampers.

Next 2 months will be rather relaxing for me.
I will still be working but I have cut down my hours tremendously.
I will not work from morning till night anymore.
Isabella will see a lot of mommy.
I think it is good for me and my baby.
By the middle of November, I will just be off.
Giving birth is a great excuse to be taking long off, right?

I can't believe it was just 9 months ago that we went for our holidays and now I am getting ready to pop another baby.
Such is a miracle of life.

Okay guys, bye2.
Isabella is asleep so I am very very happy hehehe. Yee haaa.
By the way, she eats a lot and sleep a lot.


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