Antenatal check up review in KPJ Tawakkal

Salam Maal Hijrah everyone.

I wanted to share regarding my first antenatal check up in KPJ Tawakkal, last week.

I chose Dr Siti Zaleha, the only female OBgyn overthere.
Of course I choose a female.
We went there at 9.30 a.m.
As always, her appointments are always full.
We waited for 3 hours but I don't mind because the place was comfortable and she was awesome.
I had follow up with her during Isabella's time.
So I know the drill.

We went for breakfast at the Haslam restaurant in front of the hospital.

Finally it was our turn.
She still remember us even after 2 years.
A gentle doctor and friendly.
I feel very comfortable.
You need a gentle and calming effect Obgyn you know because she will operate down there.
I will not let you see my huhaa if I don't like you.
So it is very important to survey for a good one.
As around and read the reviews on the net.
As for me, I was recommended by so many doctors' friend and colleague.

She scanned my baby and she said, it is a girl.
We are having another girl:)
I love girls.
Hubby was thrill as well.
But he did say that he will be surrounded by so many girls.LOL.

Since it was >30 weeks, so she gave me an admission form and I had to choose a peadiatrician for my newborn.

She told me that total cost usually RM 2800-3000 if no complication, ni ceaser or any manipulation.
If I take epidural, might need to add few bucks. I think RM 700-800.

She asked about my previous labour and made a star on my card,'fast labour' she wrote there.
Fast labour means she has to reach quickle once I am in labour.
She said, 'everything looks fine. I think it will be an easy labour just like the first one. InsyaAllah'.

So the maternity package:-
4 bedded RM 2100
2 bedded RM 2300
single room RM 2800

KPJ Tawakkal is a big hospital, beautiful, spacious and classy as well.
It is busy but with way less crowd then Gleneagles which is better for privacy.
Besides, the price is reasonable.

To those who are still hunting, can give this doctor a try.
She is so kind and gentle.
You will like her:)


  1. Dr. Saya sekarang di Manchester. Boleh saya tau mcm mana nk beli shaklee dari sini?

  2. salam Eta, you can whatsapp me at 6012-340 0780, or email me at I will post to tou, it will take 5 days to max 7 days to arrive. Not that long. Any question regarding what work best for you, just contact me k:)


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