Nak baby bijak??? Anak cerdik?

Everyone wants the best for their children, right?
Sometimes we lacked of some informations to make the best even  possible.

Today, I just want to share some infos I gathered from the boring medical journals and researchs for you.
Atleast you don't have to go through those boring articles with endless of words and no pictures. LOL.
Not to mention, weird medical terms right?
That is why my friends would just pm me for answers.
When I asked them,'Kenapa tak google saja?'
Because sometimes, it is difficult to explain in fb because it is not a short explaination. Unless you are in front of me then I can talk and talk and talk. And you can ask me back.

They would say,'Tak fahamlah ayat medical. Tu aku tanya hang saja'.

They were right of course.
I would always try to answer even if I couldn't get to them right away.
What is the point of having a doctor as a friend/ schoolmate or whatever right if we cannot even ask for help.
Baik tak payah kawan kan?

So back to the question. Who amongst you being pregnant and know why we need to eat a lot of fish??
What is it for??
Do you know?

Fish such as Mackerel, Herring, Salmon, Catfish, Tuna, Sardines and bla bla bla.

What do they have that chicken and meat don't??

The answer is.... OMEGA 3 fatty acid.

Apa tu?
Nak buat apa makan tu?

Most mothers think that when being pregnant we should take hematinics (ubat tambah darah aje) and calcium. Nanti darah rendah, nurse ngan doktor marah.
Yes, of course marah.
Tapi kebanyakan orang tak tau yang doktor bila mengandung mesti ambik OMEGA 3 Fatty acid.
I remember during my first pregnancy, my aneasth specialist, called me and asked,'Are you taking Supplements for omega 3 fatty acid?'
I was a baby doctor at that time(houseman).

I looked at her clueless.
Hmm how come?
The nurses didn't give me from KK.
So she said you have to buy and take that atleast until you deliver.
The best is to continue during breastfeeding.

This thing is what build your fetus/ baby's BRAIN, nervous system and visual development.

Okay dalam erti kata lain, ambik supplement ni sejak awal mengandung or sebelum mengandung untuk membentuk otak bayi, sistem saraf anak, saraf tunjang, tulang belakang semua yang buat anak tak lahir cacat tu? Dan perkembangan penglihatan.

PENTING sgt2!!
MATA, OTAK, SISTEM SARAF!!Major organs!!
Owh anakku.

Itulah rahsia doktor2. Of course we want our children to excel in everything.
Doktor memang kiasu.
Bila tanya doktor, mak bapak kerja apa? Doktor jugak. Abang or kakak?? Owh doktor jugak.
If you ask Isabella, 'What do want to be when you grow up??'
She was taught to say,'doctor like mommy'.
She watches doctors' tv programs okay.

So back to the stories, we try to educate patients as well but not everyone see me during their pregnancy.

Researches have proven that baby from a mother with enough diet of OMega 3 has greater cognitive development, respond better to visual stimulation and have better attention span.
They do better in test than babies from mother lackiing of Omega 3.


Maksudnya anak yang lahir dari ibu yang ambil omega 3 ni mata mereka lebih tajam penglihatan.
Ingat tak masa Isabella umur 1-3 bulan, saya suka tunjuk gambar warna-warna kepada dia.
To capture her attention.
My aim was for her to develop visual function.
Because newborn came out with poor vision.

I started reading to her and showing flash cards pictures to capture her attention.
Since early age, I started to build her attention span.
She has excellent attention span, alhamdulilah.
Maksudnya dia boleh beri perhatian pada gambar, pada suara, pada bacaan buku dan lagu dengan baik.

Ada setengah budak tak suka buku. Sekejap saja tunjuk gambar dia baling, dia boring.
So how to teach things? To introduce things if our children have short attention span?
If they don't listen?
It will build as they grow older of course but some kids grew older but still with short attention span.

Anak yang boleh fokus akan jadi anak yang lebih peka pada sekeliling, pada orang, pada ilmu.

That is fine if our children don't become Einstein as long as they are born healthy with optimum health.
That is why to ensure they have healthy nervous system, brain development and visual, cognitive development, mother has to take omega 3.

We cannot eat all these fish during pregnancy sadly because they have high level of mercury which is poisonous for fetus.
That is why it is recommended by American Pregnancy Association for us to take supplements which contain this thing.

If you notice, the formula milk which is rather expensive will have DHA and EPA with advertising saying 'for your children's brain development'. Anak bijak. Iklan dia tunjuk anak orang tu aktif dan pandai, kuat ingatan.
So kita pun nak beli susu mahal tu. Sebab memang betul pun.
DHA and EPA ni apa??
Omega 3 fatty acid la which is from fish oil.

Breastfeeding mother??
Also need to take this Omega 3 fatty acid.
No compromise!!
Take them take them!!
You want to provide the best quality of breastmilk for your children.

Actually there are many more benefits but today I just want to talk about brain function only.
Tu pun dah panjang.
Macam mana nak jawab kat fb??
Told you I cakap banyak.

Anyway guys, penat I membebel ni, you can get the best omega 3 fatty acid from OMEGA GUARD from Shaklee!!

Khasiatnya?? Semua yang I bebel kat atas tu.
Nak cramp jari tulis ni.
Hoping you guys understand.
What is the point of using bombastic words when patients don't understand the doctor?

Anyway, I always nag pregnant mothers who come to me at work.
I am like big sister who drill them for what they know and will add more infos for them.
I will encourage them to read, ask around and prepare for birth.
I think it is the best feeling ever to help people.
After the consultation, they will be all smile and happy.
Of course I will give spiritual support and motivation because it is not easy being a mother dear.

So, if you want to order Omega Guard from me, can whats app or pm through FB, instagram, insyaAllah I will give my best to answer your questions.

DR Hasifah, 0123400780.
I am here to serve:)


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