Yes!! I did it!!

At 35 weeks, I feel so strange.
i am more active during this pregnancy comparing to the last one.
These 3 days, I started having the false contraction/ Braxton Hicks with pressure on my pelvis and left thigh.
Every step I take, I feel like the head is getting deeper, almost exploding to come out.
My body is changing to prepare for the little one's arrival.
My bump is growing bigger than last week.
I can feel that it is getting nearer, my labour date.
Just hoping that, it can wait until my husband's return. He is going on this Monday. Just for 4 fays and will return to me.
After that, he will be gone for 2 weeks of filming.

Other than that, I feel very clingy towards my little girl.
I just love looking at her face every morning.
That was another reason to delay getting up. LOL.
I feel like I should enjoy our time together before her little sister comes out.
At the same time, I feel so blessed to have 2 girls for us to love and pamper.
So much love is stored for them.
I a, so sure that Isabella will love her baby sister.
This lady is a baby's lover.
You should see how she fussed on someone else's baby.
How excited she gets. Very caring.

Gotta work today. Nearly forgot until my husband reminded me yesterday.
I have been forgetting my working schedule lately.
Sigh. And that was a chaos.
But a lot of things were on my mind.

However, I wish to share with you that I have managed to reach my target for Shaklee.
I have sold more than RM 10 000 worth of Shaklee's products since my enrollment on the 2nd of October.
Thus, I will move my way up as a supervisor and will be running for a car bonus from Shaklee.
That means, after you complete a certain target set by Shaklee, you will be given monthly car money, to pay for your existing car or get a new car.
On top of that, there is that Shaklee bonus as well. LOL.

So last night my leader has informed me that I will be receiving more almost RM 5k  as a bonus from Shaklee. Wow!! Now that was way easier than working as a doctor.
Thank you Allah.
It must be a gift to the little one.

Seriously it wasn't that difficult at all.
You just do what you love and what you believe in and work from there.

Anyone who wants to order Shaklee from me can contact me at 012-340 0780.
You are welcome to join as member to buy for your own or to start your own business.
Trust me, we will guide you so do not be afraid to try.
Okay got to shower and start getting ready to work now.

35 weeks bump


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