Confinement Day 9. I am free!!!

9 days in confinement.
How do I feel??
I am free!!
Not free to go outside.
But I am free from postnatal massage!!
Graduated already.
Thank God.

I am not a fan of massage.
The first day was Owwwhhhhh so painful.
Even when she pressed on my back and arms, I felt the pain.
Gritted my teeth.
And when she moved my womb higher up, okay that was fine, I was used to it during my first baby.
Wasn't that painful.
Then she closed the gap on my symphysis pubis.
You know the bone at your pubis, which can be gapped open during pregnancy.
In my case it was slightly disproportioned due to passed accident. That was the reason I couldn't walk that 1 week which I told you guys.
That was really painful. Horrible.
She said I can take pain better than most ladies.
Well, I kind of kept quiet during the whole thing until that final thing, I writhed turned over, closed my eyes until the pain was gone.

The second day, she shrinked my cervix opening.
Man,I didn't know that there are so many things need to be closed right after delivery.
My first baby, the midwife just moved the womb higher up thats all.
This one had so many things done.
I even had nightmare right after the first day.

Thank God, second day was pain free.
It was still the same massage but I felt no more pain.
She said because she has corrected everything.
Don't know. Hahahaha.
But I did feel mended.
Third day was today.
Aarrghhhh so good. She made me feel sleepy.
She is very knowledgeable indeed.
I mean she didn't go to med school but she sort of has a gift.
She didn't say,' urat masuk angin, masuk air, angin masuk dalam darah' those silly things which make doctors roll their eyes.

She would touch my abdomen and said,'Owhhhh, senang beranak ye?? Awak jenis cepat sangat beranak kan. Boleh anak ramai. Akak nak beranak susah sgt. Lama sangat dlm bilik bersalin'.

I looked at her incredulous.

How did she know by touching my navel??

Okay let see more.

'Bagus2, awak jenis takde keputihan ye. Orang mengandung selalunya banyak keputihan'.

My God this lady can tell that I don't have this problem by just touching my abdomen??
My professor never taught me this. LOL.
And there were so many more which I have forgotten.

Whatever she would let me feel my abdomen first like ' haaa pegang sini, kosongkan, aa sini rasa tak rahim tu. Rahim awak duk sebelah kanan banyak'.

So I felt it, and she was correct. She also taught me how to push my womb higher up.
When the womb is too low, you felt heavy downward and not comfortable.

So today, I feel so light and mended. Hahaha.
I have never respected traditional midwife until recently.
I mean she is nit the kind who offer you water if your baby has fever.
Or say something like,' anak demam ni sebab kena tegur'.
Or ' breast kiri bagi anak minum sebab ada air, n sebelah kanan ada nasi'.

Kalau mat salleh makan salad tak makan nasi, breast dia ada salad and western food.

Okay all doctors laugh at this mitos which were passed down from the old generation to now.
But educated people still believe in this.
I never laughed infront of those old midwives because they are old. It would be so rude.

This kakak, is someone who knows she cannot fix everything with massages and she believes in modern medicine as well.
She also disagree with home birth.

I would recommend her for massages, for confinement care and etc.
She shaved Kamelia's hair today.
Owh she also does massages for ladies who wish to get pregnant.

Kak Noe is her name.


  1. hi, sheefa! came across this post of yours and was wondering if you could share the contact number for Kak Noe and the areas she covers. i'm in putrajaya. and kat sini susah sikit nak cari tukang urut yang pandai. thanks!

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  3. Salam Dr. Boleh emailkan no contact kak Noe?

    Terima kasih


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