Boy! This baby is waiting for her daddy!!

Back at home again.
Such a slow progress, this one.
So, I had appointment with Dr Siti at KPJ Tawakkal, at noon.
She asked,' Tak bersalin lagi Hasifah?'

I answered with a smile,'Tak taulah doctor. Tak sakit pun lagi tapi darah dok keluar'.

So she checked my opening.
Bearing the pain during CTG.

'Owhh, kepala anak dongak sebab tu awak sakit main-main. Lambat progress macam ni. Tapi dah buka 4 cm.
Tak pe I bagi u masa lagi 2 hari. Kalau esok takde tanda2 lagi, lusa pagi pkul 7 u admit terus ok'.

Owh that was a wonderful news because hubby is coming home tomorrow for 4 days.
I really really wish he will be there with me.
I really want his company.

I would really recommend Dr Siti Zaleha from Kpj Tawakkal. Such a gentle doctor, motherly, calm and just wonderful.
She keeps me calm.
Super recommended!!

So, we went back home, my sister in laws, my mother in laws, Isabella and my niece.
They were all on standby mode in case I need to be admitted.
We went home.THEN, mother in law was hungry.
She wanted some hot snacks, goreng2 time hujan.

This clingy child refused her cat seat.
Luckily we only went to get pisang goreng right behind our condo.
My sister in law was driving because of the rain.

Just received my confinement things like a minute ago from si_kecil_ibu.
I super recommend this Instagram/online shop.
The shop is at Bandar Baru Selayang.
They practically have everything for mother and child.
She COD the things to me just now.
Tip top service guys!!
Check her Instagram.

I bought 'tungku besi' with sarong, Tanamera Herbal Bath, Tanamera Herbal Tea to warm my body and to get rid of toxin and gas. Finally Tanamera Herbal Massage Oil.
Total RM 197.90.

I didn't buy the whole set because for me these are all that I need.

I will be using this post natal set to top up my requirements.

1)ESP-pure protein from Non Genetically modified Soy (organic and non-processed food) which will boost my breastmilk, provide extra protein for my newborn to grow, give me extra energy after losing so much energy post labor, repair with tissue healing inside my body and help with my bowel movement (berak lawas).

ESP also have Calcium for my bones and help with contractions (kecutkan rahim).
Furthermore, ESP has B complex  to prevent anemia.

Mother in confinement will find themselves tired and weak due to losing of blood from delivery. Now B complex will provide energy and help to make new red blood cells.

2)Osteomatrix- an excellent combination of calcium, magnesium and few other minerals to supplements bones and tissues.
New mothers always complained of joints pain, back pain, muscles pain and etc.
Some of them lost a tooth or more as well.
Why is that???
Lack of Calcium of course.
But they drink milk everyday.
Not enough contents of Vitamin D and Calcium in those milk.
That is why taking Osteomatrix will ensure that you do not face these problems.
Giving you and your newborn healthy bones.

3) Vitalea Iron- Multivitamins with Iron to help make red blood cells for you, to supply all vitamins and minerals needed for your body.
You will feel energized, no lethargic or loss of hair.

4)Omegaguard- antiinflammatory. Promote healing in the womb, supply DHA for your newborn's brain developments and retina.

5)Alfalfa- help with womb shrinkage, boost milk supply, detox your body as well.

6)Vitamin C- to help with tissue repair, promote collagen intake, strengthen your immunity, help make more red blood cells, promote healthy hair and skin.

There you have it,
That is why I don't need anything else other than this set.

I also booked a confinement lady Kak Noe who live just nearby.
She said she will come only after 5 days of delivery.

Isabella sibuk cek barang mommy.

Okay, I am just going to continue lying down.
May tomorrow come fast so that I can hug my husband again.

Anyone who wants to know about Shaklee's products, please do not hesitate to whatsapp me anytime.

Okay guys pray for me.
I am not that brave after all.


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