Labor story part 1

I have successfully given birth guys!!
So like I told you, the doctor asked me to be admitted yesterday early morning.
So, I couldn't sleep that night.
I was nervous and excited all at the same time.
Excited to be able to meet our new flower.
Nervous because hey who doesn't get nervous thinking about labor right??

I slept only for 3 hours.
I woke up at 6 a.m. hopped into shower and woke my husband up.
I started having regular contractions by then.
1 contraction in every 10 minutes.
Painful but not the dying kind.
We dropped Isabella with my mother in law upstairs (SIL's unit above us).
Isabella was a good girl that morning.
She didn't cry at all.

Traffic in the morning at Bulatan Pahang was about to get crazy. It was at 7.30 a.m.
Everybody was rushing to work.
I was quiet in the car, bearing the pain.

We arrived in KPJ Tawakkal and as instructed by Dr Siti Zaleha, we went straight to 7th floor Maple Labor Room.

She instructed the nurse to do CTG on me and to take vital monitorings.
We were brought to the labor suite.
Very beautiful and spacious.
Facing KLCC and KL Tower.
It was a beautiful morning.

CTG was okay.
Baby was asleep still as I didn't have breakfast yet.
Contractions were once every 10 minutes but not really really high.
I was asking my husband to read the CTG as I was lying down.
Had to teach him how.

After everything was done, they started me on IV Pitocin.
That is to induce stronger contractions.
Because the baby's position was Occipital posterior so that was why I didn't get strong contractions for a week despite cervix being effacing.
Without Pitocin, I might take too long to be in labor, this risk ceaserean section for poor progress meaning the opening just stucked at one point, not progressing.

Anyway, my body was responding to Pitocin.
Contractions became painful.
8.30 a.m. started IV Pitocin.
9 a.m. I started having too much pain.
Considering to ask for Epidural.
Husband was holding my hands.
I was quiet at first, just praying and reading zikir until I couldn't bear it anymore, I started writhing and pulling my hair.
This Pitocin was way painful than the normal contractions I had during Isabella's time and that for me I thought was the most painful thing ever.
This time was even worse!!
I told hubby to call the nurse and to inform that I want epidural.
Nurse did Vaginal examination and said to be at 4 cm. 
Owh it is going to be so long with this pain.
4cm to 10 cm.
I can die man!!!

Doctor Siti came and she checked again.
She said 4 cm and was going to rupture the amniotic sac (air kutuban),
Man!! that is going to be more painful!!
I was like,' doktor nak pecah air kutuban ke??'
I know the pain gonna be intensified.

She answered,' Yes sb I nak tgk color air kutuban make sure bukan light meconeum stain'.

Too much medical term kan guys??
Senang cerita doktor nak tgk warna air kutuban utk pastikan baby tak berak dlm sana. Kalau berak maksdnya baby lemas or jantung tak bgs.

And suddenly she said,'Laaaa Sheefa Light Meconeum stained. U tgk ni?? Nasib baiklah u dtg hari ni', sambil tunjuk warna pad kekuningan hijau.

I was kind of shocked and bumped, speechless.
Baby I da start berak sket dlm sana sb tu ctg pg td tak secantik selalu.
Kalau tunggu lama, nanti dri light dia jd medium and thick meconeum yg bermaksd nyawa ank I dalam bahaya. So ini adalah yg doctor panggil fetal distress--> emergency ceaser.

Sape nak ceaser kan?? Tapi siapa yg nak anak dlm kandungan dlm keadaan bahaya.

Doktor ckp,' I bagi u masa sampai pukul 12 ye Sheefa, kalau u tak boleh bersalin normal....' she kept quiet. She knew it and  I knew what she meant.
Doctor to doctor right?
But she was optimistic that I could deliver fast because of the good contractions thanks to that pitocin.
But I kept in my mind that to check the color of liquo to make sure it doesn't progress to thicker color.
Husband didn't understand a thing.
I didn't share with him as well.

'So nak ambik epidural ke?? I rasa sekejap saja ni u bersalin?' said dr siti.

Sekejap tak sekejap mana doktor tau. Sakit ni!! hahahaha dlm hati aku.

'Takpe kan doktor I ambik epidural dgn meconeum stain ni? Tak lambat progress or worsen baby's condition kan?' I asked her with fear.

She replied,' Takde masalah. Boleh. Ambikla kalau u nak ambik.

So I said,'yes!'

So they called aneasth.
By that time it was 10 a.m. and I was even crazier.
I was sweating and shivering.
They asked me to sniff the Etanox gas but it didn't help a bit.
Except for making me sleepier.
I thought,'this is the last one okay. No more giving birth'.
So much pain. Husband was getting scared.
Couldn't talk to him about my idea as I was not myself.
I couldn't talk anymore.
Didn't reply anyone, just nodded my head to any question.

I heard the aneasth's voice. Male and old but I didn't turn to see.
All I care was my pain. Regular and crazy in short period of time.
Kept on repeating La ilahailla anta.

They positioned me.
And he said,' Owh my she is sweating and shivering, She must be in terrible terrible pain. Lets do it fast'.

And he was fast. Really fast and accurate.
Like few minutes later, I could slowly talk again.
I felt the pain but I would give it 4/10 in comparison to 10/10 just now.
I was quiet still but better.
I thought to myself, owh I can have another baby again thanks to happydural.

That was 10 a.m.
I was just chilling when suddenly I felt something really weird.
Like strong super strong contractions.
I told my husband,'I rasa pelik ni. Tekan butng call nurse tu syg'.

Nurse came.

'Sakit ke?? Tarik nafas n lepas', and she went out.

I didn't know what to tell her.

Another something was coming.

And again.

Whoaaa!! What is this??

I was feeling just fine with epidural and now no more??
What is this thing that is more powerful than epidural??

'Ayg call nurse lagi'

Another nurse came and I said,' tlg cek sekejap. Saya rasa something nak keluar ni! Pelik rasanya'.

As always, the nurse were relaxed.
Lenggang kangkung.

Masa beranak kat Isabella pun org tak caya aku nk beranak da sb td bru 4-5 cm. Lepas sejam nak teran??

And she checked. Her face changed.

'Laaa dekat bawah ni daaaa!!' Rushing out.

'Berapa dah nurse??' I was curious.

'Dah fully doktor. Tgu sekejap saya call Dr siti. Jgn teran lagi tau'.

And she was gone.
I had to wait for 15 minutes while the nurses got really busy.

I heard them saying,' cepatnya!! Sygny epidural bru setengah jam pakai'.

Then Dr siti's voice was heard. Thank God she has come from her 5th floor clinic.

She said to them,' Sheefa mmg cepat beranak'.
Her voice was gentle as always.

She sat at her place and I couldn't wait any longer...
'Doctorrrr...' My voice sound like begging to start pushing.

Mana larat tahan lama2. Nak teran.

And Dr Siti was ready,'Ok sheefa teran ye'.

Hahahaha at that moment the funny thing ever. I forgot how to push.
To think how I bear in mind the proper pushing technique during Isabella's time.
This one... I went blank. Unprepared.

Didnt take deep breath and just close my lips together and squeezed my eyes.
Pathetic pushing technique.
I doubt it will work and I have to do again I guess.
But then Dr Siti said,'okay Hasifah. Da siap. Allahuakbar!allahuakbar! Senangnya Sheefa ni bersalin'.
 So I asked her again,'dah keluar ke doktor?'

'Dah keluar dah', she replied.

Dr Siti selawat sambil takbir semasa sambut anak lahir.

Beliau jugak selalu ingatkan saya tuk membaca 'LA Ila hailla anta'.

Dr Siti tak buat episiotomy pun.
Baby pun tak besar kan.

Sementara nak keluarkan uri, aku sempat sembang dgn Dr Siti.

'Boleh beranak lagi ni. Senang sgt', katanya.

Senang tu Alhamdulillah tapi sakit tu sakit giler gak.

Hubby was praising Dr Siti, how her gentle and calming nature and Islamic ways during the delivery was very soothing.

So, we have 2 princesses now.
Chenta Kamelia, 2.7 kg.
And she looks like Isabella, just adorable.

Confinement started with Shaklee.
Seriously, I felt so energetic even after giving birth thanks to my regular intake of Shaklee.
Didn't feel like giving birth at all.

People should start taking Shaklee if it is this amazing.
So different from after delivering Isabella.

Anyway, this is part one of my labor story.
Will continue soon.
You know breastfeeding mom.

Whatsapp me to order Shaklee k

I'm available :)


  1. Teringat my last labour pain, I was shivering violently in pain and gave the hand (talk to my hand) to the anesthetist (sp?) for talking non stop while i had to endure the agony of labour pain padahal dia tgh explain the risk and procedure before administering epi to me. Essential prep talk but gibberish to me when in extreme pain. He even had to gave me spinal injection first before administering epi coz I can't sit still. I said yes tapi lepas bersalin terus google apekebenda la spinal injection that I had said yes to. Gas doesn't help when the contraction was 1 min long every 1 min. Lagi buat mabuk nak muntah ada la #teamepidural. Tapi mmg patutla sakit ya amat when my baby was born at 4.04kg. Funny that now I can't remember the pain. Tau sakit gila tapi tk igt dah camna rasa sakit tu. We mothers are funny like that!

    1. We were in our world when that crazy pain started. I can't believe how useless tht gas was. Hahaha. All these while telling mothers to use that when in lain.huh


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