Toujours Collagen vs Jamu Jelita vs Shaklee's Collagen. Mana lagi bagus?? Honest review

Good morning.
I heard that there are many people who are not working today.
Enjoy your holidays guys!!
As for me, I am at work now.

As you all have known, I am quite a fan of collagen. I have surveyed different brands of Collagen in the market from cheap to expensive.
I have tried Toujours Collagen RM 170 for a small container which didn't last me for a month as it claimed.
It lasted me for 3 weeks.
But that was fine for me.
I was discipllined.
Drink it in Orange juice every morning without failing.
Took photos before and after as I did for all beauty products that I take.
Because I want to see results!!
After I finished the whole container, I didn't get any result at all.
No glow, not getting fairer and the most disappointing thing was the scars were not improving.
Then, I started reading reviews and asking some of my friends who tried.
They said, it didn't improve the skin but they felt better in term of back pain.

Okay fine, I decided to try Qu Puteh.
Too expensive.
Hmm or Secret Skin Kawaii.
Price was okay RM 160 for a big container.
But the sales girl was really promoting Jamu Jelita.
It was cheap like RM 34 for a small container which could last for a month.
It was suitable for my skin.
Some of my sister in laws got pimples after drinking this.
The taste was sweet and sour.
I was fine with the taste. Good taste.
Some people complained about being too sweet.

Anyway, after 2 weeks of drinking this, I could see the result.
I was so thrilled.
I repeated again and again. 4th bottles.
But by the time I reached the 3rd bottles, no more improvement.

And then I got pregnant.
I was being more careful so I stopped.
Besides, it was too sweet for pregnant lady.

7 months without any collagen.
Then, I decided to try Collagen from Shaklee.
It is organic.
And why do I believe it?
Because it is like drugs company where they have this long process to start researching on a new product, followed by creating that product under strict controlled protocols set internationally.
Afterwards, they will be tested on group of people to make sure no harm comes and to see the effectiveness of the products.
After everything has excelled, then only then, it is approved to be released.
That is why it takes such a long time to come out with a new product/ drugs/ supplements.
It is very different from local beauty products which didn't go through these strict process and get a stamp here and there.
I mean I am just being very careful because I was pregnant thats all.

Shaklee's collagen is so will make it way easier to adsorbed inside the tissue and skin.
So I as always mixed it in Mango Sunquick.
No funny smell or taste.
After 3 days, I told my husband,' hmmm parut degil I kat pipi tu jadi makin light. Pigmentation all reduced. Heheheheehe. I think it worked!!'

So fast?? 3 days saja??
Hmm I can't believe this.
And I rasa hidung I makin macung pulak.
So sesiapa yg nak fast result untuk kulit cantik, ambk Collagen Shaklee.
Kalau bajet lebih.
Kalau tidak just ambik Vit E, vitamin C and ESP pun ok. Cuma kena tunggu 2-3 minggulah.

Tanpa mekap dan tanpa 360 punya kamera.
Tautak kenapa saya tak suka kamera 360??
Mmg nampak licin tapi nampak fake dia punya glow.
Rasa mcm saya nak hide something pulak.
Bibir saya hanya letak lipgloss sahaja supaya tak crack.


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