Whenever I feel stress, too consumed, too much to handle, I will turn to my husband.
He is great to talk to whenever I can't handle things.

I feel like there are millions of things need to be done, that I need to pay attention to. There are our sales and training my team members.
In these 4 months, our sales have reached almost RM 80 000.
I am aiming bigger numbers this month. 
I was asking husband if he thinks that it is time for me to hire a PA.
I need an order so that I can manage my time better.

1) A planner or maybe 2 planners.
1 for business and 1 for personal use.

I am so going to shop for the cutest planner ever.
Every year I would prepare for this but last December, I was busy completing my confinement period, thus no planner for me.

So as I was surveying which brand to buy, I came across The Duck's planner.

How cute.

I need to set a routine, a schedule on meetings, discussions with team RYG, the days and time.
Get the topics set out properly.

As well as planning days to blog.
I cannot blog everyday.
I need to catch on my sleep as well.
Luckily I have this to keep me healthy and strong.
Despite not getting enough sleep, my skin remains fresh thanks to loads of antioxidant in here;)

Next is to plan my posting days.
I might not be able to post daily but it will be on alternate day.

I am currently working on 2 jobs, a doctor and a business woman. Hehehe. Thus the exhaustion.

When do you guys think that I should hire a PA to help sort out my orders, to handle my fan page, instagram page, to post out the orders?

So that I can focus on building my team. They still need lots of guidance from me.

After talking to my husband. I felt relieved.
I need to organize and schedule everything properly.
It is good to get a second opinion other than just your head.
I  recharged now.

Owh and I am going to reward myself with shopping.
I have not bought anything for myself for like 6 months now.
Too busy.
Tomorrow, a cheque will arrive at my door.
I so deserve some new clothes.

Okay guys.
That's all for tonight.
Take care.


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